Most Common Myths About Hair Transplants

When considering getting a hair transplant, you might come across information about the procedure from several sources, and some of them will be myths. In order to avoid getting distracted with these myths and not getting the full truth, here are a few myths that you might read or hear about hair transplants.

Hair transplants are costly

Hair transplantation is not costly when you look at the long term benefits of them. Once you get a hair transplant done, it is permanent. In fact, having a hair transplant can be cheaper than taking medication for years in order to keep and regrow hair.

Hair transplant looks obvious

Previously one can easily determine if someone had hair plugs fixed into their scalp. But, now with the new techniques, it is very difficult to tell if someone has gone through a hair transplant procedure.

The results are not permanent

The results of transplant are permanent and you can have the benefit of hair regrowth for the rest of your life.

You must get it done as soon as your baldness starts

It is not true. Researches show that it is better to wait until a pattern develops. This helps doctors in determining which hair is more likely to be good candidates for transplant.

The procedure is painful

Previously hair transplant was painful. But, now with the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction method, amazing results can be achieved without any cuts and stitches. 

Everyone can undergo hair transplant

It is not true. Firstly, you need a suitable hair donor area that has enough hair to be grafted. Secondly, a healthy scalp is essential.

Can someone else’s hair be used in the process?

No, in this procedure healthy hair is transplanted from one part of the scalp to the area that is losing hair. The hair continues to grow in its new place and you get a head full of hair.

A transplant is reversible

Hair transplantation is not reversible without going through a number of surgeries and why anyone would want to reverse it? Remove awesome looking hair? You don’t have to worry about losing hair anyway. They are there to stay.

Hair transplants require maintenance

Transplants, unlike your normal hair, are not at all maintenance intensive. Treat them like your normal hair. 

Hair transplants can fall off

Transplants don’t fall off. As it is a surgical procedure, the hair grafts are surgically fixed into the scalp, as a result, they are permanent.

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Chemical Peeling: Flawless Skin Is a Peel Away

With age, we develop a lot of skin conditions that make our skin look tired, dull and aged. With time people develop prominent skin pigmentation, freckles and prominent marks of skin blemishes. And these things not just affect your looks but also your confidence. Thankfully, now getting a younger-looking, flawless skin back is not at all difficult.

To get rid of these issues, many people opt for a chemical peel technique. Chemical peeling facial care assists to heal issues like acne, wrinkles and other skin blemishes by applying safe to use chemicals. In the process, the outer blemished layer of the skin is removed.

A chemical peel is a complex skin rejuvenation procedure and must be done by a reputed and experienced surgeon. Make sure you ask as many questions as you want before going for the treatment to ensure what you are getting into. Also, during your consultation don’t hesitate to ask about the possible outcome of the process. The results of chemical peel depend a lot on the type of your skin and how your skin will respond to the whole process.

If you have a darker skin tone and you want a few tones lighter skin, then your doctor will recommend you skin whitening by peel (chemical peeling). After a few sittings, the skin loses its ability to produce tan or pigments. However, after the chemical peel, you have to take the utmost care of your skin. Like applying sunscreen becomes important and you should regularly visit your skin specialist to ensure lasting results. Your doctor will also prescribe you some lotions or creams that you need to put on for a few days a week or always, it depends.

The key advantage of chemical peel is that the process is not limited to your face and can be applied to all your body, unlike Phenol peel. However, most chemical peel facial skincare procedures deliver the best results when the treatment is done by an expert cosmetic surgeon. None of the chemical peeling procedures guarantees an immediate difference in your overall appearance. But after a few sittings, the changes are very much obvious. After the peel, the doctor will advise you to maintain a proper skincare routine. In case you experience skin irritation or itching, don’t hesitate to visit or consult your doctor.

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Hair Patch For Men- What Every Male Should Know

Buying a wig or toupee for men is challenging, besides, some men find it embarrassing. However, buying a wig particularly to cover baldness or increase hair volume should not be seen as an embarrassment but as an effective way for men to improve their self-confidence. It can be very confusing to shop for hair patch but knowing what you want and need will surely guide you into buying the right one for you.

Type of hair

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for wigs is the type of hair used. Wigs come with either natural hair strands or synthetic hair strands. Synthetic hair can be an issue for men with sensitive skin and hair patches with natural human hair will be a better choice for them. Synthetic fibres are generally made from acrylic, rayon or any other man-made fibres, while natural human hair as the name suggests comes from a human. To ensure that you choose the right one, consult your dermatologist especially if you have sensitive skin. They can suggest you the most suitable one. Hair patch is the most common wig style for men as it generally covers the bald spot that usually occurs on the center of the head and is the most common bald spot for males.

How to ensure the correct fit

Once you are sure about the hair type, the next thing to do is to give the measurements for the wig. Many reputed stores would measure the customer’s head to ensure a great fit. This includes sideburns to sideburns, ear to eat, front center, the width of the nape and around head. This is a major step as giving the measurements means that the wig will be customized according to your head and will blend perfectly with your natural hair.

Ordering your hair patch for men

The best way to order a hair patch is to visit an established clinic that provides both hair and skin treatments. There are many standalone wig stores, also you can order a wig online, but it is best to consult an expert like Dr. Meet and discuss your hair loss problem and get a patch customized according to your needs. You can also get the treatment to prevent hair loss and increase hair growth.

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Top Signs Your Skin Products Are Actually Damaging Your Face

It is common for people to buy skincare products over the counter, after seeing the TV commercials or being recommended by a friend. But, if you are experiencing any of these adverse reactions, it might be due to your skincare regimen.

You get rashes from the product or blisters to appear at sites of application

It is tempting to buy a product with the most attractive packing or one with an impressive commercial, but only because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for all. Other than the magic active ingredient that the brand is advertising, it can contain many potentially allergenic or irritating inactive ingredients that are responsible for its fragrance, silky feel or extended shelf-life. If you see rashes after a few applications, it is most likely because of one of the ingredients.

You experience severe dryness, peeling and flaking

If you experience severe dryness, peeling and flaking around your mouth or nose, you might be just overusing an acne cream, like benzoyl peroxide or retinoid. Topical retinoid assists lightly exfoliate the skin, regulates skin cell maturation and causes slight irritation in the skin, which boosts new collagen growth. If you experience constant peeling and your face is red, then this might not be the best anti-ageing treatment for you.

You experienced irritation or burning on using a product you have used previously

This situation is different than the one we just discussed above. Your skin has already verified previously of the product and its ingredients that it is okay with the ingredients of the product. A possibility in such cases is that you are possibly using too much of the product or using it too often. Slight burning, redness and rashes are common side effects in patients with sensitive skin. Patients with sensitive skin must choose the products carefully. Also, don’t use more than a pea-sized amount of the cream or lotion.

Severe burning on using a product for the first time

Whether it a cleanser, toner or lotion- no skin-care product should cause burning. According to expert dermatologists, it is usually an indication that you are allergic to it. Some acid and enzyme-based masks can cause a mild burning sensation on the skin for about a minute, but if you feel your skin is on fire, don’t suffer expecting miraculous results- wash it off. You are either allergic to some of the ingredients of the product or your skin is over sensitive for its composition. 

So, if you experience any of the above symptoms discontinue using the product now and consult at Dr. Meet’s Clinic. We provide effective and safe chemical peel treatment.