Male & Female pattern baldness is irreversible genetic disorder where hair follicle start shrinking and produces 3 early sign of baldness-


  • Distance between hair increases.
  • Thinning of hair.
  • Shortening of hair.


Only Dr Meet’s clinic has scientific DHT blocker treatment to prevent further hair loss.

Hair follicle( hair root) are very sensitive in human body it can be triggered by any cause like – stress, dandruff, lake of conditioning of hair and scalp ,anemia, thyroid, diabetes, prolong allopathy drugging, hard water. Every male and female losses some hair everyday during oiling, combing and washing but the hair loss becomes abnormal classified as a diffuse hair loss.

Alopecia areata is 50 Paisa Coin shape Round patch on scalp or beard it can be single or multiple if untreated it covers the whole scalp than its called Alopecia totalis, still, this not treated cover up the whole body hair loss than its called up Alopecia universalis. This autoimmune diseases totally triggered by stress.

Pseudopeladae is the condition where scalp skin become Thick, hard, shiny and horse shoe shaped where hair roots permanently gets dead this cannot be treated but this can be controlled in early diagnosis.

Pre mature graying or white hair is the deficiency of melanin pigment which gives color to hair or inactivity or absence of melanocytes cell which situated below hair roots. before the age 30 is called up premature and after the age 30 this is natural, genetic or physiological. Some cause of premature graying are- hereditary, stress, anemia, b-complex and iron deficiency, thyroid, lake of conditioning of scalp.

Continuously over shedding of scalp dead cell is called dandruff it is dry white color scaly particle, symptom of dandruff is continuously itching and scratching it comes on fabrics like snow fall.

Psoriasis is a autoimmune disorder which characterized by excessive white flake on scalp with itching, scratching, pain , burning slowly it covers whole scalp , generally it start from folds of body like nape of neck, back of ear.

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