All You Should Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal

Today when every fifth person is getting tattooed, it is very common to find them regretting their old tattoos. the tattoo-craze ebbs down as speedily as it tides up but the process is not as easy as getting inked. It includes lots of pain and money. If you are one of them then this blog is for you. Today, science is developed and doctors and beauticians are using Laser machines to remove or lighten tattoos.


How Laser Works


The letters in the word LASER stand for Light Amplifier by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are used to remove the darkest of the tattoos and even birthmarks, moles and accident marks. The laser machines produce a thin ray of light that penetrates the layers of the skin and breaks down the ink of the tattoo or the skin with deep bedded old marks. The intensity of the light depends on the density of the colour to be removed or lightened. The broken ink pigment is automatically removed by the skin’s immune system.


The Sessions Required


The duration of the treatment depends on the age, colour and medical condition of the patient. Single colour and dark coloured tattoos are easily lightened or removed in 2-3 sessions but light coloured and multi-coloured tattoos take time. The reason behind this is that the dark or black colour absorbs the light and is easily broken as compared to a light colour tattoo.


A Dermatologist or A Beautician?


Generally, it’s a human tendency to consult a beautician first and this is where you step on the wrong road. Beauticians are not doctors. They might have learnt to operate a Laser machine but they are not much educated about the skin and its tissues. So, next time when you regret a tattoo on your neck or arm or wherever just visit a good dermatologist in your town for Laser tattoo removal. Dr. Meet is offering laser tattoo removal in Indore in easy and affordable sessions with the latest technology.