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    Hair patch treatment is a popular, relatively straightforward and non-invasive method to conceal hair loss. The treatment is intended specifically for patients with Alopecia Areata and provides a comprehensive solution by naturally restoring hair.

    The non-surgical hair patch treatment involves placing a patch of hair or hair wig/extensions in the balding area. The patch of hair is adhered to the scalp using cosmetic adhesive or even clips. A hair patch is a highly efficient way of hair restoration, particularly for individuals who do not choose to undergo a surgical operation or cannot afford a hair transplant.

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    Advantages Of Hair Patch Treatment

    Hair patch treatment is an effective hair fall treatment in Indore due to several benefits, such as those mentioned below:

    • Safety.
    • Effectiveness.
    • No Downtime.
    • No Risk.
    • No Side-effects.
    • Very Less Recovery Time.

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    How Is Hair Patch Therapy Performed?

    Hair patch treatment, sometimes called artificial hair restoration, is one of the most practical options for hair restoration, especially for those with partial hair loss. A hair patch is smaller than a conventional wig and is designed to cover a bald spot on the head rather than hiding the entire scalp. One most noteworthy benefit of hair patch treatment is that it is a non-surgical process that does not involve needles.

    The hair patch treatment consists primarily of effectively placing a precisely designed hair patch, which is subsequently applied to the patient’s head in places where baldness is most prevalent.

    The prosthetic hair patch is custom-designed to precisely fit and imitate the patient’s natural hair and fits their scalp precisely. The hair patch is thus the best hair fall treatment as the hair appears very natural and realistic, and the patient looks significantly better than before. The hair patches are meant to complement the texture, colour, and density of the patient’s natural hair.

    The hair patch treatment is quite successful, and the implantation is painless. In most instances, repeat visits are not required. The hair patch treatment is often done in a single session. Patients who have chosen this kind of hair restoration are free to style and comb their hair as they see fit. In addition, they can resume typical daily activities such as bathing, swimming, etc., even when wearing the hair patch.

    There are numerous trichology centres across India that offer hair patch treatment. However, Dr Meets Clinic is one of the most reputed clinics that offers the best hair patch in Indore. Contact Dr Meets Clinic, the best trichology and cosmetology clinic for hair patching in Indore.

    Who Is Eligible For Hair Patch Treatment?

    Hair Patch treatment does not really have any eligibility criteria as it is a reasonably safe procedure that has next to no side effects. Additionally, hair patch treatment in Indore is one of the most convenient hair restoration solutions for those with partial hair loss. All ages and genders can choose this hair treatment to regain their self-assurance.

    The non-surgical nature of hair patch treatment is one of its benefits. It is a personalised treatment in which professionals assess the severity of hair loss and deliver individualised therapies. In addition to recommending the best hair patch treatments, we at Dr Meet’s Clinic also offer the best hair wigs with natural-looking appearances. After the hair patch treatment at Dr Meet’s Clinic, your hair will be easy to wash, dry, and even comb.

    Contact an expert trichologist at Dr Meets Clinic for the best hair patch price in Indore and amazing hair patching services.

    Are There Side Effects Of Hair Patch Treatment?

    Due to the non-surgical nature of the process, there are no specific side effects to a hair patch treatment. The treatment’s cosmetic glue and clips are safe and do not cause allergies or infections. However, you must also choose the best hair patch treatment centre in Bhopal or Indore for optimal results and the best hair patching in Indore.

    How Long Does The Hair Patch Treatment Take?

    The actual hair patch treatment procedure takes a few hours, but the total treatment for artificial hair is finished in weekly appointments. Trichology clinics that offer the best hair patch in Indore may take some additional time for best results and may require a few visits to the trichologist for maintenance purposes.

    Why Is Hair Patch Treatment a Great Option For You?

    • Hair patch therapy is a non-surgical method of hair replacement.
    • The technique has no special adverse effects.
    • This hair patch procedure is ideal for all hair types and will provide patients with unnoticeable hair.
    • Hair patches are one of the quickest and most cost-effective hair loss treatments on the market.
    • The fastest and most straightforward technique to cover baldness is by using hair patches for bald areas.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are no such ineligibility requirements for hair restoration.
    There are no adverse effects associated with the hair patch treatment technique. Due to the use of cosmetic adhesive to secure the wig and the fact that the wig is custom-made for the patient, it rarely causes allergies or reactions.
    After completing the hair patch treatment, you can continue your regular activities. The maintenance of artificial hair is straightforward, and you can care for it the same way you care for your natural hair. Furthermore, hair specialists in Indore offer consultation and assistance to help you with aftercare.
    The fabrication of the hair prosthesis may take up to a week, although the actual process takes only a few hours. The hair gets secured in a matter of hours, and no rehabilitation is involved.
    Depending on the surgery’s location and nature, this type of hair patch treatment in India might cost anywhere from Rs6,000 to Rs25,000 or more. Contact Dr Meets Clinic and know the hair patch cost in Indore for the best hair patch in Bhopal, Indore, and Jabalpur.
    As the hair is adhered or fused to the scalp, it does not grow and may eventually become damaged. Thus, you may need to obtain a re-fix in a year or two. However, you can consult the best hair fall doctor near me at Dr Meets Clinic for hair fall treatment.

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