Dr Meet' clinic is becoming a renowned Trichology, Cosmetology clinic in India. We deal with all kinds of hair and skin conditions as one of the most experienced clinics. Our treatment plan for your skin and hair problems includes:Diagnosing the issue Consulting you Creating a personalised treatment plan with you We ensure that you are well informed about the skin and hair treatment plan before we proceed with the actual treatment procedure. it may case of hair transplant, prescribe you medication and supplements, or create a treatment plan, including both, based on the severity of your condition. As a leading hair and skin clinic, we employ only the best technology, such as world-className Spanish Laser equipment and natural medications with next to no side effects for your treatment. Our experience allows us to treat you to the best of our capabilities, and we ensure that you receive only the best and most effective treatments. We not only take proper care of you during the treatment but are constantly checking up with our patients post-treatment. So, are you suffering from a hair or skin condition? Stop letting it destroy your health and mental peace. Connect with the leading hair and skin doctors at Dr Meets Clinic today!

    Hair & Scalp Analysis

    Hair and scalp analysis is very crucial to better understand the cause and severity of any hair problem. It is why we use the computerised scientific machine to diagnose your hair and analyse your hair and scalp.

    Our hair specialist in Indore can diagnose your individual needs with unprecedented precision using our high-tech analysis camera and proprietary software.

    A typical hair and scalp analysis at Dr Meets Clinic Includes:

    Analysis Of Scalp, Hair, and Cuticle.

    An analysis of the hair and scalp is the first step. Each examination provides high-resolution images and stores data to trace the progression of the scalp and hair over time.

    The Evaluation

    Our computerised scientific machine examines hair thickness, pore condition, sebum levels, and other factors that may be impeding hair development.

    Treatment Plan.

    A tailor-made in-clinic treatment and at-home product advice are created for you once our hair doctor identifies the issues and their severity. You are also consulted on ways via which the problem can be resolved through our means, such as a change in diet and lifestyle.

    Get a hair and scalp analysis at Dr Meets Clinic to better understand your hair problem and start an effective treatment plan today!

    HRHT - (Hair Re-Hydration Therapy)

    HRHT is an External hair treatment that helps to restore the hair’s hydration. Hair rehydration therapy is essential for individuals with dry or damaged hair since they aid in rebuilding the lost natural oils. This can be accomplished through various means, including deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, and even simple measures such as applying a leave-in conditioner. We ensure you get the best treatment at our clinic based on your hair density and other factors. Our certified and licenced physician or medical provider will consult with you via an in-clinic and create a personalised hair therapy plan. Then, one of our highly qualified medical experts will administer the external Hair rehydration therapy that has been precisely prepared to alleviate your hair problem or administer the wellness therapy you prefer. Our services are timely (urgent service available), cost-effective, and allow you to personalise your therapy plan depending on your individual needs. Are you fed up with dull and dry hair? Hair experts in Indore at Dr Meets Clinic can help you with effective Hair rehydration therapy. Contact our experts for a consultation today!

    Laser Tattoo Removal

    Do you have a tattoo that does not personify you any longer? Cosmetology experts at Dr Meets Clinic have got you covered with precise laser tattoo removal treatment. Our in-house experts have removed hundreds of unwanted tattoos of different sizes and shapes and have experience in dealing with all sorts of tattoos.

    Why Should A Person Opt For Laser Tattoo Removal?

    Due to recent developments in laser technology, lasers of today can:

    • Remove tattoos more safely and efficiently.
    • Remove tattoo ink in fewer sessions.
    • Treat ink colours that were once challenging to erase.

    While technology has progressed, the results of tattoo removal still depend almost entirely on the individual doing the procedure.

    What To Expect From Us?

    Dr Meets Clinic is available to take you through the process of tattoo removal. At your first appointment, we will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to every patient’s individual needs and those of their tattoo. Then we answer all of your concerns and help you decide if removal is the best option.

    What Is The Cost Of Laser Tattoo Removal?

    At Dr Meets Clinic, our experts want everyone to have easy access to quality laser tattoo removal. Hence we provide flexible pricing, inexpensive packages, guaranteed results, and financing options.

    How Much Time Would It Take?

    Each laser tattoo removal session takes 15-30 minutes. We anticipate three to five sessions to fade a cover-up tattoo and six to eight sessions for complete removal, based on the colours and size of the tattoo.

    Does it Hurt?

    The majority of clients report that their laser tattoo treatment feels like being snapped by a rubber band, and this pain is comparable to that of having a tattoo done.

    For a better knowledge of what one must expect from laser tattoo removal, you will discover answers to frequently asked questions by patients to physicians regarding tattoo removal.

    Connect with our experienced cosmetology specialised to get started with your tattoo removal journey.

    Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair treatment is a cosmetic treatment that can effectively remove hair from various parts of your body. The Laser Hair removal treatments work by directing a laser beam at the pigment in the hair follicle. The laser’s heat destroys the hair follicle, preventing it from growing back. This treatment option provides a safe and effective alternative to conventional hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing, and plucking.

    This procedure can be performed on any part of the body. However, it is most commonly performed on the face, legs, and bikini line. Multiple sessions may be required to attain the desired outcomes. Laser Hair Reduction is deemed safe and successful for the majority of patients.

    Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    • Zero downtime.
    • No serious adverse effects.
    • Provides permanent hair removal.
    • A procedure that requires less time to complete.
    • Appropriate for hair removal on any part of the body.
    • This approach is convenient and cost-effective in the long run.
      Treatment that is precise and does not damage the surrounding skin.

    Dr Meets Clinic Offers High-Quality, Painless, and Affordable Diode Laser Hair Removal. We are a leading cosmetology, dermatology, and trichology clinic in Indore. We ensure that all services and treatments are administered by qualified, licenced, and certified medical and aesthetic employees under the supervision of a doctor. The clinic uses the most advanced and effective technology and procedures for various skin types.

    The treatment plan is established after a thorough consultation with our specialists. Dr Meets clinic is committed to offering non-invasive treatments, laser therapy, and aesthetic treatment. We ensure that all our patients receive an extensive array of hair and skin services under one roof.

    Why choose laser hair removal at Dr Meets Clinic?

    • 20+ years of healthcare heritage experience.
    • Expert and seasoned group of physicians.
    • Extensive physician consultation.
    • Personal care support.
    • We use specialised and high-tech Spanish diode technology.
    • Our treatment is safe and painless.
    • Compatible with all skin types and shades
    • Excellent results at the lowest cost
    • Post-treatment care

    Natural Hair System (Wig)

    Natural hair systems, commonly known as wigs, are advanced, lightweight, dermal-based, natural scalp concealers used to hide balding or bald spots.

    Dr Meets Clinic is a reputed Trichology and cosmetology centre that offers the most high-end natural hair systems for men and women. We provide hair systems in both human and synthetic hair as per a patient’s demand. These hair systems are then carefully woven onto a lace, monofilament, or ultrathin skin to create a patch for hair restoration. Later, during a non-surgical hair replacement treatment, this patch is adhered to the scalp using tape, skin-friendly adhesive, or weaving. The hair appears natural, and hence it is impossible to tell whether it is fake or real. However, you must always seek out the finest completed patch for better results.

    At Dr Meets Clinic, we offer you the finest services and ensure that you get to choose from an assortment of patches varying in size, colour, and sheen.

    How Can Dr Meets Clinic Help You Find Best Natural Hair System?

    • Our hair expert recommends the proper size for your hair system.
    • We ensure that the size accommodates your head to appear normal and unnoticeable.
    • Our hair specialised also ensures to apply the appropriate colour patch.
    • The right hair colour makes you appear natural and complements your natural hair.
    • Additionally, we help you select the optimal hair density per your age and hair type.
    • Fixing the hairline appropriately since setting it too high on the forehead might result in an unnatural appearance. Therefore, our experts position the hair system precisely where your hairline used to be.

    So, are you looking for a natural hair system to conceal your hair loss? Consult the leading trichology and cosmetology experts at Dr Meets Clinic today!

    HRT (Hair Rejuve Therapy)

    Our hair strand has a maximum lifespan of six years. During this ageing process, hair requires nourishment in order to retain or revert to its youthful condition. However, more than external nourishment, such as oiling and conditioning, may be needed in most cases. It is why hair Rejuvenation Therapy is a new level of hair treatment service that deposits and fortifies cells responsible for the creation of hair’s critical nutrients.

    Hair rejuve therapy is a non-surgical, all-natural hair regrowth technique that has proven effective for both men as well as women suffering from hair loss and numerous forms of alopecia.

    Dr Meets Clinic provides the best solution to rejuvenate your hair and offer it conditioning through high-tech and new-age intensive hair regeneration treatment. Our HRT treatment penetrates the hair on a cellular level and helps restore the hair. The outcome? Rejuvenated, wholesome hair

    How Can Hair Rejuve Therapy Help You?

    • Effective treatment for hair thinning and hair loss.
    • Natural means to nourish hair.
    • Helps revitalise weakened cells.
    • Promotes cellular renewal.
    • Restores hair from within out.
    • Fortify your roots.
    • Reduces fractures in hair.
    • Non-invasive hair treatment.

    Combining natural, effective hair rejuvenation therapies is your best chance of decreasing and preventing hair shedding and regrowing hair that is thicker, fuller, and healthier. Specific modalities may be more successful than others, but by combining them, you multiply your body’s capacity to heal, repair, and regenerate.

    At Dr Meets Clinic, our Hair Rejuvenation Therapy comprises, but is not certainly limited to, the following:

    • Non-Invasive Platelet-Rich Plasma (GFC)
    • Laser Light Treatment
    • Specific Hair Nutritional Supplements
    • Shampoos
    • Conditioners
    • Scalp Serums

    Connect with the leading hair experts At Dr Meets Clinic can get started with your hair rejuvenation journey for healthier and luscious hair.

    Hair Transplantation (consultation)

    Hair transplantation is the process where hair-bearing scalp grafts are extracted from a donor site and transplanted to a bald or thinning area. The hair transplantation process aims to restore a more youthful appearance to patients suffering from hair loss, namely androgenetic alopecia.

    At Dr Meets Clinic, we have effectively treated a variety of hair loss problems in people. Our proven before and after results and the numerous testimonials, we receive each year speak for themselves.

    With over 12 years of experience, we are a one-stop shop for all your hair difficulties. We have a broad selection of exclusive and cutting-edge procedures. We not only understand your hair difficulties but also aim to treat the underlying reason, which is why we provide a variety of hair restoration options.

    What Can You Expect From Our Hair Specialists?

    Dr Meets Clinic is the most reputable consulting hair transplant clinic in Indore and is outfitted with all the latest amenities. Our specialists possess the highest level of expertise in hair transplantation and have, over time, created minimally invasive treatments that are specifically designed for you.

    At Dr Meets Clinic, We Offer The Following:

    • Our hair specialist identifies hair transplantation’s anatomical structures, indications, and contraindications.
    • We then describe the hair transplantation equipment, staff, preparation, and process.
    • We carefully examine the appropriate evaluation of potential problems and clinical importance associated with hair transplantation.
    • We create interprofessional team tactics for enhancing care coordination and communication in order to advance hair transplantation and improve patient outcomes.
    • Our hair expert recommends the proper size for your hair system.
    • We ensure that the size accommodates your head to appear normal and unnoticeable.
    • Our hair specialised also ensures to apply the appropriate colour patch.
    • The right hair colour makes you appear natural and complements your natural hair.
    • Additionally, we help you select the optimal hair density per your age and hair type.
    • Fixing the hairline appropriately since setting it too high on the forehead might result in an unnatural appearance. Therefore, our experts position the hair system precisely where your hairline used to be.

    The hair transplantation operations are minimally invasive, risk-free, and ensure permanent outcomes.

    Are you looking for a hair transplantation clinic in Indore, Bhopal, or Jabalpur? Consult experts at Dr Meets Clinic, the leading trichology clinic that can cater to all your hair concerns.

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