Baldness: No More Worries!

Hair Patch

Nowadays, hair-thinning and hair-loss are very common problems as compared to a decade back. Youngsters in the early twenties and thirties have started losing hair along with immature whitening of the hair. There are several cases of uncertain hair loss in teenagers. The changing lifestyles and unhealthy food habits are highly responsible for all these problems and health issues. In the early stages of hair fall, you can control the situation by home remedies or dietary supplements, but once the hair loss converts into baldness or Alopecia Areata, it becomes difficult to control by home remedies.


Available Options For Baldness Treatment


Doctors and Trichologists have suggested several options for such cases of baldness and Alopecia Areata. No doubt, the first priority is always given to the medical supplements but if all these fail than these artificial supplements are the best options for the people suffering from Alopecia Areata or baldness. 


1. Hair Patch


Hair Patch is one of the most opted hair treatment among men suffering from male-pattern baldness in small patches on the scalp. Small hair patches of natural or artificial hair are created and stitched on the scalp to give a dense look to the scalp. 


2. Hair Wigs


In the cases, where patients are not interested in the hair patch or the affected area is wider, doctors suggest hair wigs of good quality. These attachments or caps can be used or removed easily. These are of two types:-


A. Synthetic Hair Wigs 


Synthetic hair wigs are made up of synthetic or nylon fibres. These wigs are easy to maintain and are easily available at affordable prices.


B. Natural Hair Wigs


Natural hair wigs are made up of natural hair. These are comparatively costly and need high maintenance. One can use their own hair for this kind of wigs.


3. Hair Transplantation


Hair Transplantations are very common nowadays. trichologists are using the latest technologies to give the best transplantation services to their patients. This is the permanent remedy for the completely or partially bald patients. The hair used in transplantations is of very good quality and needs less maintenance. There are skilled and experienced trichologists for hair transplant in Indore.