Hair Thinning is one of the most common hair problems. Not only the adults but even children and teenagers are acing this hair problem. There are several remedies prevalent to increase hair growth and reduce hair fall. Since the primitive ages, several medical and non-medical treatments are prevalent. Since olden times, oils are playing an important role in the strengthening of the hair roots. Hairfall is basically due to the weakening of the hair follicles and finally shedding of the hair either from root or from the shaft.

Sometimes, it becomes very necessary to go for medical diagnosis and treatment under medical surveillance. Baldness starts with an abnormal hair fall finally leading toa permanent hair loss. The first instance of small Alopecia Areata patches should not be neglected and a good hairfall control treatment should be started.


Hair Problems Leading To Baldness


Diffuse Hair Loss

hair fall is very common among people all over the world. The first signals are quite visible with the setting apart of the hair follicles. The hair starts getting thinner and the volume gradually reduces with time. If the treatment is delayed it results in complete baldness.

Alopecia Areata

These are small coin-shaped patches of baldness scattered all over the scalp. This can be cured in the early stages by Dr.Meet Dwivedi, a highly experienced hair specialist doctor in Indore.


Pseudopeladae is irreversible baldness which is very common in men. Though several women are also suffering from this hair disease, but the ratio is less.

Pre Mature Graying

Nowadays due to excessive stress and diet disorders, this problem is very common even in teenagers. Boys and girls in the early twenties are facing graying of hair. There are several lifestyle-reasons responsible for this problem.


Dandruff is a highly contagious hair disease. It spreads with the infected combs and hairbrushes. It can be controlled by a few home remedies. In severe cases, you should consult the best hair doctor in Indore to control the infection.


There are several other herbs and oils which help in the regeneration of the damaged hair follicles. A few common ones are:-


Essential Oils To Generate Hair Growth


The oils cannot be neglected when it comes to generating hair growth and strengthen the hair roots. There are several products available in the market which are rich in these essential oils and herbs. 


Best Essential Oils To Increase Hair Growth

Bergamot Oil

This oil is produced by Bergamot Orange fruit. It is used in perfumes. It is highly used to control hair fall and hair loss. It is very effective due to its antimicrobial and healing properties.

Jojoba Oil

This is a herbal oil produced by the Zizyphus Jujube plant. It gives a soothing effect when applied on the shaved hair.

Peppermint Oil

This oil is very popular for its cooling effects. It is very useful in dandruff and other skin diseases. It contains Menthol which helps in stimulating the blood vessels under the scalp while increasing the thickness of the scalp and increasing the number of hair follicles.


Hair Evaluation Test

Experiencing hair loss take a hair evaluation test now to understand the severity of your problem.

Skin Evaluation Test

The Skin evaluation test will assess the current state of your problem and tell you about your scope of improvement with Homeopathy treatment.

Vitiligo Evaluation Test

The Vitiligo evaluation test will assess the current state of your problem and tell you about your
scope of improvement with Homeopathy treatment.

Eczema Evaluation Test

The Eczema evaluation test will assess the current state of your problem and tell you about your scope of improvement with Homeopathy treatment.

Allergy Evaluation Test

The Allergy evaluation test will assess the current state of your problem and tell you about your