Hair Weaving in Indore

Are you struggling with hair fall or hair issues or simply want to increase the volume of your hair artificially? Hair weaves can be the best choice of option to make your hair look thicker and have more volume.

Find everything about hair weaving in Indore and how to care for your hair weaves here.

What Are Hair Weaves?

A weave is not the same as a wig. Instead, a weave is woven directly into the hair, enhancing and beautifying it. Hair weaving in Indore is a technique where artificial or natural hair extension is sewn, glued, or clipped into human hair. Today weaves are one of the most common types of hair extensions worn by women. In contrast to clip-in hair extensions, which may be removed daily, weaves are intended to last many weeks.

Did You know?

In Egypt, in approximately 3400 BCE, people coloured human hair or sheep wool and fastened it to their heads with resin or beeswax to create the first woven garments. Cleopatra was known throughout antiquity for her peacock-blue weave.

What’s Better: Synthetic Hair Weave Or Human Hair Weave?

Are you wondering about the type of hair you should choose when undergoing hair weaving in Indore? Let’s discuss natural and synthetic hair weave in depth here.

Human Hair Weave:

Human hair weaving in Indore is precisely a procedure done using the hair from a human donor. It is silky, feels fantastic, and may easily match the colour and texture of your hair. Human hair offers additional styling choices, especially when heated. Human hair, for example, can be washed, coloured, blow-dried, and even flat-ironed. As with most beauty items, you get what you pay for when it comes to human hair.

Synthetic Hair Weave:

Synthetic hair weaving in Indore is a procedure done using artificial hair. Newer varieties of synthetic hair can handle low-temperature heat but can not tolerate high temperatures well. Synthetic hair is made of plastic and can melt when subjected to intense heat treatment. Synthetic hair, frequently pre-styled, is the best option for anyone who wants to take it out of the box, put it on, and go. It retains its shape on humid, wet, or hot days but is challenging to restyle. Synthetic hair does not last long and tends to become matted or tangled. However, these are more affordable when compared to real hair, which can make them a bit more cost-effective choice for customers.

Hair weaving in Indore: Single Drawn VS Double Drawn

You may choose from two options when opting for hair weaving in Indore, Bhopal, or Jabalpur: single drawn and double drawn.

While each has advantages and disadvantages, preference can be chosen by price, the health of the wearer’s own hair, and the desired appearance.

Single Drawn Hair Weave:

If you choose single drawn hair weaving in Indore, clinics or weave suppliers will offer you extensions consisting of fifty percent full-length and fifty percent varying-length hair. For instance, with a standard 18-inch hair bundle, you will get just one-half of 18-inch strands, while the remaining half consists of 14- to 16-inch strands, leaving a fuller tip and tapering ends. This type of hair weave may give a more natural look as individual hair strands on a real head of hair develop at varying speeds, making such bundles appear more natural.

Double Drawn Hair Weave:

Customers seeking a fuller appearance can opt for double-drawn hair weaving in Indore. Seventy to eighty per cent of strands in double-drawn hair extensions are full length, indicating that the majority of strands match the intended length. While double drawn extensions add volume, they are not suggested for clients/customers with thin hair due to the damage they may cause over time. In this instance, single-drawn hair weaves purchased in a longer length are woven into the hair, and then the hair is trimmed to obtain the desired look.

Are You Looking For Hair Weaving In Indore?

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