Acne: The Causes, Precaution And Cure

Acne is a chronic skin disease of infection in the hair follicles of the face, chest, neck, shoulders, and back. It occurs commonly in all teenagers and some adults during their puberty period. It happens due to infection in tiny pores of skin generally due to sweating and other air pollution sources. The dirt accumulates in the Sebaceous glands and causes acne.


Acne is found in several types depending on the place and reason for formation. About 85% of human beings between the ages of 12 and 24 experience pimples. Globally, acne influences approximately 650 million human beings, and about 90% of human beings are in their teenage years, however, it can occur earlier than youth and might persist into adulthood. It impacts approx 54% of women and 40% of boys older than 25 years of age.


The Causes of Acne


One of the most basic reasons for Acne is the excessive secretion of oil from Sebaceous Glands in the skin. This oil when combines with the dust and bacteria it causes Acne. Even the Menstruation cycle has a deep relation with Acne. Sometimes, delay in Menstruation also causes the formation of small acne on the forehead and cheeks.


Besides, the above-mentioned reasons there are several other reasons for Acne. Some major reasons are:-


– A medication that contains high androgen, barbiturates, corticosteroids, and lithium.

– Birth control pills.

– Cosmetics that are too much greasy.

– Hormonal changes during mensuration in women.

– Mental stress cannot cause acne but if you have acne earlier then stress may make it worse.

– A diet that is rich in refined sugars or carbohydrates, fats, and oil.

– Exposure to a highly polluted environment.

– Too much dandruff on the scalp.

– Use of dirty or rusted razors also at risk of developing acne.

– Touching or piercing the pimples of other persons.


Treatment For Prevention / Cure of Acne


The best way for Acne treatment is to consult your Dermatologist timely because it’s only he, who can diagnose and cure the main cause of acne. Acne is curable if the ’cause’ is diagnosed timely. Even the acne scars are treatable. Maintaining basic hygiene of cleanliness can also control the formation of Acne.

What is ‘Pseudopelade of Brocq’? Still a Mystery!

‘Pseudopelade of Brocq’ is still a mystery. Researchers are still working on the cure for this disease. Though it does not affect the whole family, still its patches increase in size and number if ignored. It is an unusual form of permanent hair loss from the scalp. The reasons are still unknown. Normally, it is misunderstood as ‘Alopecia Areata’ and people think that it can be cured. Pseudopelade of Brocq is not an inflammatory form of alopecia and the hair loss seems to be due to atrophy of the hair follicles rather than scarring.


Features of Pseudopelade of Brocq


Pseudopelade of Brocq is often found as small patches of baldness like Alopecia Areata. The loss begins from the vertex, i.e the highest point on the scalp. The disease has some typical features which guide in the diagnosis at an early stage:-:

– Single or multiple

– Smooth

– Soft

– Slightly depressed

– Round or oval

– May merge to become larger and irregular in shape

– Asymptomatic

– Not scaly

– Skin-coloured

– May see pale red/pink around individual hairs initially

– Hairs may be easily pulled from the edges if active

– The bald areas have been described as looking like ‘footprints in the snow’.


Treatment of pseudopelade of Brocq

The disease spreads on the scalp and rarely seen in the beard area. as far as the cure is concerned it is still under process. The doctors and dermatologists are researching to find a stable cure for the disease to stop the permanent hair loss.

The Myths Regarding Laser Tattoo Removal

Since ancient times, Tattooing is in fashion. But, sooner or later it becomes boring to see the same pattern embossed on your body. Then it becomes very necessary to remove the tattoo. Not all but most of the tattoos are easily removed or lightened. Since, 1990, several Laser Tattoo Removal machines are launched along with several Salons for tattoo designing and removal.

Tattoo Removal: How Safe at Parlours or Salons.


Today, people are very particular about their looks and appearance. If they want to get something designed like their favorite star, they won’t think twice before doing that. But, at the same time, if they feel bored or monotonous with some tattoo or body paint, they will not wait for a second thought to get rid of it.

Ancient Methods of Tattoo Removal


Before the invention of Laser machines for removing tattoos, people used to get the upper layer of skin removed to get rid of the tattoo, even skin grafting was done to cover the tattoo with the new skin. but, today, laser treatments are very easy and safe for removing any kind of unwanted tattoo, scars or marks.

There are Several Myths Regarding Laser Tattoo Removal


Myth 1: It’s Safe To Get Tattoo Removed From Anywhere.


The youth gets attracted to the advertisements and media. They visit such untrained salons to get their Tattoos or scars removed. This is really very dangerous as these untrained people don’t know much about the different layers of skin and they treat you carelessly. This might result in some major problems in the future. So, it’s better to visit a Dermatologist to get rid of a tattoo or a Scar.


Myth 2: Laser Removal Is Simple.


Laser Treatment is not always a walk in the park.” It takes even months to remove an old and stubborn tattoo. The treatment involves the breaking of the skin’s surface to remove the ink and so the procedure is painful.


Myth 3  Anyone Can Get Tattoo Removed By Laser Treatment


People think that Laser Tattoo Removal is easy for everyone. But, It’s not the same in reality. The procedure becomes difficult with the darker skinned patients. So, there is no one exactly perfect for Laser Treatment.


Myth 4 All Tattoos Can Be Removed Easily By Laser Treatment


People think that it’s very easy to get a tattoo removed, but the reality is very different. The process includes acute supervision by a Dermatologist taking care of different aspects of possible reactions depending upon the skin type. The process might be easier in some cases but at the same time, it could be very painful on others depending upon the color of inks and patterns of the Tattoo.

So, if you’re planning to get a Tattoo removed, then don’t visit a Salon. Contact a dermatologist to get yourself properly treated.

Natural DHT Blocker Treatment

Today, Hair-Loss is more frightening than a horror movie! Youth all over the world is facing this common hair-loss problem on a large scale. Previously, hair-loss was related to old age only, but, now the scene is changed and even children in the early twenties are facing severe hair-loss. Due, to lack of knowledge, they get attracted to advertisements for fake treatments and land-up in a bigger problem.


Everyone wants healthy and dense hair on their scalp, be it a girl or a boy. There are hundreds of products available for stimulating hair growth, but, then you need to research the ingredients before you start the intake. These are in the form of pills and oils and sometimes shampoos. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) Blockers are used to block the hormones which are responsible for hair loss.


People start the intake of these hormones without consulting the doctors and physicians, which results in hormonal im-balancement and other complications. There are several reasons for Hair-loss, it’s not always the DHT hormone, like Diabetes, Thyroid, prolonged fever and infection, Anaemia, etc. So, the first thing you should do when you see unusual hair-fall is to consult a reputed doctor rather than starting your own treatments.

The Precautions:

Here are a few precautions you should follow when you find an unusual hair-fall.


1. Presence of Biotin in Food.

Biotin is also known as Vitamin H, but actually, it is one of the B-Complex vitamins which is very necessary for hair, skin, eyes, liver and digestive system. You can start the regular intake of Biotin in your daily diet.

2. Increased intake of Pumpkin.

Pumpkin seeds have rare amino acids that are rich in DHT blocking properties. you can start a weekly intake of seeds or powder to avoid hair loss.

3. Caffeine.

Caffeine stimulates hair growth and natural glow on the skin. Controlled use of caffeine in diet could give good results.

4. Vitamin B6 and B12.

Vitamin B is easily washed off and destroyed as we clean and cook the food. normally, every second person is going through a deficiency of vitamin B, so a regular intake of Vitamin B could give better results on the overall growth of the body.

What Is Trico Pigmentation Treatment?

What Is Trico Pigmentation? Is It Useful?


and Alopecia. This therapy is very effective in adding volume to thin hair. it gives the look of fresh roots of the hair. It is the artistic application of pigmentation dots to hair-less scalp or on the portion with less hair. it gives the look of small hair. these are not actually hair, but, only dark dots which gives the look of fresh-shaved scalp nor small hair. This whole process is done to give the look of dense hair.


Trico Pigmentation Facts


– Trico Pigmentation is a reversible process. these colored dots can be removed from the upper layer’ Dermis’  anytime.

– The pigments are Non-allergic and Bio-Compatible and are easily absorbed by the human body.

–  The process involves highly trained, well-equipped and experienced doctors.

– The duration of the treatment and sessions involved differs from patient to patient and area to area to be treated.

–  The process involves the use of absorbable pigments and so regular touch-ups sessions are required on a regular basis. normally, the process involves the maintenance touch-ups twice a year.

Trico Pigmentation Treatment can be taken as an easy solution to baldness or Alopecia.



Benefits Of Trico Pigmentation Treatment


this treatment, there is tiny pigment deposited within the upper layers of the Dermis of the scalp. The deposits are designed in such a way that they give the look of a freshly shaved scalp and thus cover Baldness. here are a few benefits of the treatment.

– Replacement of the lost hair density.

– Restructuring the hair-line.

– Baldness scars and patches can be easily covered with Trico Pigmentation treatment.

– Very helpful in correcting Alopecia.


WIGS To Flaunt Yourself!

Wigs are no more a fashion accessory to hide or be ashamed of. they are in vogue and are extensively in use in the fashion industry. both male and female models use these wigs to change their look as per the demand of the event. several models and actors are using these high-quality wigs on a daily basis to protect their natural hair from too-much of salon-treatment like straightening, rolling, etc for the shoot. they just change wigs instead of changing their original hairstyles. so, in a way using wigs in such cases is very beneficial to protect our hair from different cosmetics and damages.


Varieties Of Wigs


There are several varieties and colors available in wigs. today, you don’t have to search wigs. but, you can find them very easily and at very reasonable prices depending upon their quality and textures.


What Is A Lace Front Wig?


A Lace Front Wig is a very popular wig available nowadays. It gives a natural look by the small hair falling in front like natural hair. It adds confidence along with the beauty. Sheer lace is attached to the front part of the wig, this lace gives the look of a natural irregular hairline on your forehead.


The Advantages


The Lace Front Wigs are the best options for both men and women. the design gives you a natural look.
Both Men and women, going through a hair fall, these Lace front wigs are the best options to add glamour and confidence.


Finding A Perfect Wig?


Yes! finding a Perfect Wig for yourself is not an easy task. you cannot just go and buy a wig from some fashion store. As even using a wrong-fit wig is dangerous for your health and looks. you need to consult a specialist to design a perfect wig for yourself. A good doctor can not only help you in treating your hair fall issues but will also advise you some high-quality wigs appropriate for your skin type.

There are different wig-designs for men and women. A wig is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the user. these requirements differ from person-to-person and gender-to-gender. today, wigs are designed is such excellence that it’s not possible to identify them, they look and bounce like natural hair.

So, the best you could do when you need a wig is to visit a good Dermatologist and Hair Specialist to prescribe the best quality Wig as per your skin and hair type.

Warts: Virus or Witch?

‘Warts’ are small fleshy bumps on the skin caused by the Human Papillomavirus. There are several kinds of strains of Human Papillomavirus, which are responsible for warts formed on different parts of our body. Warts are highly contagious and spread from one location or organ to another, and even from one person to another. commonly warts are formed on hands, feet, and genitals. these are pink-coloured or slightly discoloured in appearance. they need to treated medically to stop the growth and finally cure the disease. though painless by nature, warts are dangerous as they look ugly and are highly contagious.

There are several Myths about Warts, which need to clear as the majority of the Indian population don’t take Warts as a disease, they start home-remedies and land-up in a disaster. the most common Myths about warts are:-

Myth #1 warts are not contagious.


This is the most common myth about Warts. people think that warts are not contagious whereas the truth is that that Warts are highly contagious and spread very fast from one location to another. it is caused by indirect skin contact with HPV Virus contaminated objects like Gym instruments, clothes, mats, shared floors, etc.

Myth #2 Warts are caused by touching Toads and Frogs.

There are more than 100 kinds of HPV Virus which are the cause of warts. Some HPV viruses cause common warts whereas other complicated subtypes can cause serious diseases like cervical, this myth that warts are caused by touching frogs and toads is wrong and we should educate ourselves with the scientific reasons and skin care treatment rather than running after the fake assumptions.

Myths #3 Warts can’t be removed

Warts are treatable and can be cured by medical treatments. There are several treatment options available medically. the most common ones are Cryotherapy and Cantharidin. In cryotherapy, the wart is frozen and gradually removed whereas, in Cantharidin, the warts are lifted off to cure the location.

Myth #4 Warts cannot be prevented

Warts can be prevented by taking extra care and maintaining skin hygiene under the guidance of a reputed Dermatologist. frequently washing and keeping skin clean and dry can reduce the chances of infections. Small abrasions should be cured timely as they are the best places for HPV Virus to attack.

Myth #5 Warts can grow back if neglected.

Warts can always grow back if you come in contact with the virus again through some infected material or person. you can also take Immunotherapy treatments to stimulate immunity against the virus.

Plan A Better Future For Your Princess: Laser Treatment

Are You Unhappy with Unwanted Facial Hair?

Hey You! Are you worried about waxing schedules before planning a party or are you not happy with surprise parties planned by your friends? ‘Just Relax’ take a deep breath, my suggestion may not help you instantly, but, it will surely solve your problems permanently. Facial and body hair might not trouble you on normal days but surprise weekends plans might trigger your temper. Now you don’t have to search for long-sleeved tops or wear full-length trouser to hide your body hair.  Just plan a Laser Hair Treatment and stay ‘ Party Ready’ 24/7 on all 365 days. Here we have the best plans for hair removal for men and women. You can find the best team of doctors for Laser Treatment in Indore.

Nowadays, Tattoo-designing is gaining popularity, the craze is growing virally,  but, then it is well said “what Tides up Always Ebbs Down.” today’s youth is getting Tattoos done all over without thinking twice, but then they get bored also quite early. So, here I am now! This blog is exclusively for those who want to remove these old Tattoos.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Treatment, it is the latest technique for body and facial hair removal solutions. This is a painless technique and the results are fast as compared to the primitive methods of Hair-Removal for men and women. The procedure is safe and time-saving. The procedure involves professionally trained doctors, who use Laser-Rays to destroys the hair-root so that it cannot grow again. This is a lifetime solution to excessive facial and body hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal

Today, Tattoos are highly prevalent amongst the youth. These Tattoos stay on your body till your last breath. Some people enjoy these Tattoos for a lifetime but others find them boring after some time. I am talking about the second category, they don’t have to worry about their old Tattoos anymore. Now you can remove your Tattoos easily and forever. Laser Treatment Sessions can be taken to remove any birthmarks or injury-marks from your body and beautify yourself at a very surprisingly low cost. There are special centers and clinics for Laser Tattoo Removal in Indore and Bhopal.

Plan A Better Future For Your Princess

You can plan a Laser-Hair Treatment for your adolescent daughter. This would be the best birthday gift you could offer her. Just imagine, she won’t be facing any waxing issues throughout her lifetime. Hair Removal for women is one of the biggest issues, even beyond her future business and career plans. As these issues affect her ‘Peace of Mind’. So, now gear up to plan the best gift for your Princess.

How It Works

The whole procedure of laser treatment involves the heating up of the ‘Melanin’. Present in layers of skin. It gives colour to our skin and protects is from strong UV-Rays. Heating up of ‘Melanin’ results in the burning and finally damaging of the ‘Hair Follicle’. Thus, the hair growth of that particular follicle is stopped.

The Bottom Line

Be it a man or a woman, excessive facial and body hair or old Tattoo is always a pain in the neck. So, now it’s no more a difficult task to brood over or delay. Just call or visit your doctor and ‘GO AHEAD’.

Important Facts to Consider While Selecting Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss, the annoyance of several men and unexpectedly an ever-growing sum of women, is still basically a medical mystery the true reason of which has still to be set up. And, indeed there cannot be the main reason to hair loss, but somewhat, hair loss in men and women may be created by many things every playing their portion. For any treatment of hair loss to be successful these feasible reasons like dietary deficiencies, irritation and illness of the scalp, hormonal disparity, ecological factors, and definite disease conditions all require being considered in deciding what is exactly the best hair loss treatment solution.

As tricky as it can be to set up the particular reason of hair loss in a person we require starting anywhere and searching to the patient’s therapeutic history and backdrop to perceive if we may find out any feasible reasons, thus letting the proper hair loss treatment alternative to be considered.

For instance, the patient’s age requires being considered. Evidently, as we grow old, normal deterioration and decreasing health, to a larger or lesser amount, may compromise the fitness of our hair. In addition, does the patient possess a current narration of surgery or medicine use? Both of these things can conciliate the body’s wellbeing to the amount that hair loss may take place.

To the extent that a proper hair loss treatment in these conditions, frequently all that is needed is to just let standard revival to take place whereupon the hair would come to normal.

Important hormonal modifications are regularly one of the key reasons of hair loss particularly unexpected hair loss. Postpartum loss of hair is very extensive with several women undergoing hair loss up to many months following pregnancy. Likewise, menopause brings modifications to a woman’s hormonal arrangement that may frequently direct to hair loss.

Fundamentally, there are 4 hair loss treatment alternatives present these days. The top hair loss treatment would always be identified by personal consultation with their physician who has found the likely cause of the individuals’ hair loss and may then take the right decision as to the most successful hair loss treatment.

The initial treatment alternative is the use of contemporary mendicants with the aim of stopping any additional hair loss and supporting the re-development of new hair. Inside the topical class there are two subclasses; natural. In addition, there are natural proprietary medicines involving different shampoos and conditioners all created with normal ingredients and gratis of any recommendation, drugs or chemicals.

Second class for hair loss treatments is medicines both innate and pharmaceuticals that are taken orally.

Pharmaceutically, Propecia is the key internal medicine employed in hair loss treatment.

Hair loss treatment class three is surgical interference, which will consist of hair transplants and implants.

Lastly, there comes a beauty hair loss treatment solution, which includes hair extensions as well as wigs.

So, whatever hair loss treatment you select is definitely up to you.

Tips to Prevent Hair Fall That Creates Hair Patch

Hair patches or bald patches can be seen at any position on your head and they may be very tough to cover. Actually, covering a hair patch is not forever an alternative till not you wish to put on hats every time, but you may follow some tips to assist in preventing your hair from fall out. For women, hair patches for the maximum portion can be mended particularly if you find out the kind of hair loss you are going through. There are different reasons for hair loss for women, one of which is sickness. These may normally be rectified once identified and treated. It is more probable conversely the hair loss is caused by less severe causes for instance nutrition disparity. You may treat these via employing important oil treatments that have been very successful in curing hair patches in women.

When thickening shampoos create your hair have the look of appearing thicker and verdant, it doesn’t really thicken or assist your hair to re-develop. So as to develop hair you require focusing on the scalp offering it with nutrients, making it clean and massages.

An oil treatment you may employ is olive oil that is very successful in developing new hair. Just take a drop and massage it into your hands, and then extend cautiously on the hair patch quietly massaging. It is good to do this method when you are at home for the nightfall since it is very muddled and takes some time to be successful.

You can also employ herbal hair oil which is best for developing novel hair. Take slightly on your hands and put it to the region you observe hair loss; it is good to do this at night. The subsequent morning just clean it away through an herbal shampoo if feasible. You may also put aloe vera gel and Jaswand gel on your entire head for one more successful treatment.

You would wish to use a home-based hair development medicine created out of maple syrup; you require true and unrefined maple syrup. Get some and put onto your head. You wish to ensure your hair and scalp are effectively covered. When you have completed wrapping your head by a plastic wrap and let it set for an hour. When you are completed, clean it off through an herbal shampoo.

Employ herbal addition known Ashwagandha, it is a protected inoculation and assists in putting your system directly. You would wish to take it each day for utmost results.

If you think you have this situation and you are concerned regarding it, then why not verify your regional doctor to observe if you may get some suggestions on how to manage, or which treatment alternative to select from. This situation impacts a number of people all over the world. If you are one amongst them, by reading this post, you know exactly what to anticipate and what treatment to take.