Hair Patch cost in Indore

The lifespan of male hair patches varies depending on multiple factors. While some conditions might continue for months, others can last for weeks. The base for the hair system needed for the patch that rests on the patient’s scalp is frequently made of lace material or polyurethane.

Many kinds of hair wigs and patches are available to transform somebody without any issues or discomfort instantly.

Artificial hair patches or extensions are not the answer if you search for a long-term cure for hair loss. The patch is then glued to the scalp, where the bald patch is visible during the procedure.
The scalp is first shaved, then the patch is applied to the scalp using bio-adhesive glue.

Patients with widespread Alopecia Areata or progressive Cicatricial Alopecia are advised to wear hair patches or hair wigs, according to doctors.

Human hair creates long-lasting hair patches, and the finishing process involves knitting the coat to the base. Weaving, bonding, and fusing are the most popular and efficient methods for making durable hair patches for men.

However, the most crucial query is, “How long do these patches last?”

The main component of the treatment is the insertion of a precisely made hair patch where it will be most effective—on the patient’s head.

The hair installation is entirely painless, and the therapy is quite successful. Most of the time, a repeat vision is not required. In most cases, the treatment is finished in only one sitting. Patients who choose this option can comb and style their hair. They can also continue their daily activities, such as bathing and swimming.

The Hair Patch Treatment

The hair patch procedure is a non-invasive, painless way to rejuvenate your hair. A hair patch or extension is applied to the affected area. Using cosmetic gum and clips, the surgeons secure the hair patch. The adhesive and fasteners used to apply the hair patch are safe and have no adverse effects on the scalp region or cause allergic responses.


One of the most straightforward and painless treatments for baldness, particularly for partial hair loss, is hair patch therapy, often known as artificial hair restoration. The main goal of hair patch treatment is to stop severe hair loss and baldness.

In a hair patch procedure, cosmetic glue is used to attach a prosthetic wig to the areas with the least amount of hair growth and the most baldness.

The prosthetic hair patch is created to look like the patient’s hair, blending in seamlessly and covering the entire head.

While the procedure only takes a few hours, the formation of the artificial hair may take a week.

Depending on multiple factors, the Hair Patch cost in Indore might range from Rs.6,000 to Rs.25,000 or even more. Likewise, the Hair Patch cost in Indore may also differ based on various factors.


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