Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a process for making the hair straight and making it strong and glossy. This treatment employs a specific kind of protein that is available in an individual’s nails, hair, and tooth.

Keratin Treatment and Its Different Advantages

The keratin protein assists in smoothing and straightening of your hair. This protein creates a cover on the filaments to create it glossy and vigorous. This defensive coating remains on the hair for an extended time period. This treatment settles down the hair curls and fixes the broken hair. The feel of the hair stays malleable and does not offer you a fragile feeling. This process can be accomplished simply and leaves the hair powerful and the propensity of break hugely decreases working like treatment of hair loss in addition. This process may consider 1 hour to 5 hours based on the curls and the state. The outcome of the keratin hair treatment would go for 2 to 4 months based on the value of treatment given and the concern taken following the treatment.

Kinds of Keratin Treatment

There are 2 bigger kinds of treatments present, initially being standard keratin cure and the second is keratin cure plus. Keratin treatment is an element free process to make hair moderate, yielding and lively. Two kinds of proteins are employed, botanical keratin and human hair keratin. The cause being the small human hair keratin particles get into the cuticle and the large botanical keratin produces a cover on the cuticle. This makes the hair nurtured with keratin both from inside as well as outside. Keratin Cure Plus includes some natural elements in their blend which may differ on the basis of the product. You would need to verify the opus of the matter to evidently understand what all has been appended. Some of the producers append the integrity of plant vitamins such as vanilla bean. Some artifacts append collagen for refreshing the hair. Chocolate has also been employed with keratin since cocoa assists in strengthening the inner arrangement of the hair and reinstates the usual propensity of the hair to draw out assisting in hair loss cure. Some artifacts append strawberry that is affluent in omega-3s, fatty acids, and Vitamin C helps in enhancing the feel of the hair.

Hair Care Post Treatment

The upholding of hair post the hair keratin treatment is very important to keep the impact of the process for an extended time period. For the anticipation time period, which is generally three days you are needed not to damp your hair. For example, if your hair gets dampen because of sweat or any other cause, it is significant to combing or blow drying them as soon as feasible. Also, attempt to leave them down as frequently as you may and ignore creating your hair as a ponytail. This would help in keeping your hair in a straight line for an extended time.


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