Is My Hair Too Thin? Learn from a Hair Specialist Doctor

hair specialist doctor

Do you see a dozen or more hair on your hairbrush on a daily basis? Is your shower drain full of  your fallen hair? Is your hairline receding or part widening? 

The above are signs of thinning hair. These can lead to you having bald patches all over your scalp. It can also cause the continuous widening of your center part. Hair thinning to such an extension can cripple your confidence level. 

To stop this hair thinning from wreaking havoc in your life, you should begin your search for a hair specialist doctor. Your dermatologist can tell you the exact reasons for hair thinning. These causes will lead to the discovery of preventive methods that will suit your scalp. 

Is hair loss normal? 

Before you get into a state of full-blown panic, you should understand that hair loss is normal to a certain extent. It is quite normal to lose around 50 to 100 hair strands in a day. But it is a problematic situation for you if big chunks of hair start falling from your head. It is time for you to take preventive actions. 

Steps you should take if your hair is thinning? 

  • Visit a Dermatologist

Once you find the best hair specialist doctor, you are one step closer to finding the cause of your hair loss. You can get professional advice regarding the treatment and preventive measures you should take. 

  • Increase your Protein intake

Increase in protein consumption will help in preventing further hair loss. You can add meat, fish, beans, eggs, dairy products to your diet to increase your protein levels. 

  • Loose Hairstyles

If you love styling your hair, making tight buns & ponytails, you should immediately stop. Such habits can put strain on your hair causing hair breakage. You should start wearing your hair in loose buns or ponytails. 

  • Check your iron & vitamin levels

Low iron level or lack of vitamin D & B120 can result in hair loss. These deficiencies can increase hair thinning as well slow the hair growth rate. Iron & vitamin supplements and red meat can help in prevention of these deficiencies. 

  • Healthy Life

The best hair specialist doctor will give you one specific advice i.e. to live a healthy life. Regular exercise, avoiding junk food, drinking plenty of water, and good sleeping habits are signs of healthy living. 

These are the steps you should take to prevent hair thinning, increase the hair growth rate and to treat the problem of hair loss.