Simple and Effective Skin Care Tips for Winter

In winter, your skin starts to look dull, dry and chapped. It losses all its glow and suppleness and becomes dry. To help you deal with dry skin, here we are giving you some simple yet effective tips to stay supple this winter.

Hot showers, low ambient humidity, air conditioning and heating and drinking less water all reason for dryness. In turn, this can cause itching, flaking and cracking of the skin and even cause skin conditions like eczema. It is thus important to follow a basic skincare regime.

Tips to keep skin glowing and healthy in winters:

– Use soap-free products to cleanse your skin.

– Have warm but short showers. Hot water makes skin dry.

– Apply a moisturizer religiously. Find one according to your skin type and apply it all over, not just on the face. You can also ask your dermatologist in Indore to suggest you a nice moisturizer. Generally, it is advised to use products that contain “humectants” like sorbitol or glycerin. Many newer products also have a composition that makes them less greasy. Remember, some heavier oil-based moisturizers may aggravate acne, so avoid using them on the face.

– Apply a moisturizer right after a shower and all over the body.

– Wear more layers instead of turning up the AC. Heating makes skin dry. Humidifiers can assist restore moisture to the air when heating is being used. Try wearing cotton clothing over synthetics or wool.

– Drink plenty of water for overall health.

– In winters, due to lower humidity, the skin becomes drier. Anti-ageing products with ingredients like Retin-A/Retinols or alpha-hydroxy acids can increase dryness. If this happens, decreasing the volume and frequency of application will help. Also, avoid using alcohol-based skincare products.

– Sunscreen is vital in winters too. The UV index can be high in winters as well and even on a cloudy day.

– Eat a balanced diet. In case you take vitamin supplements then zinc is recommended for good skin, hair and nails. Biotin reduces nail fragility and foods rich in Omega-3 are good for the skin.

– Common skin problems like psoriasis and eczema are more common in winter. This is because of the drying of the skin and the increased frequency of flu and cold. During illness, these skin conditions worsen. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for the skin.

– Consult an experienced dermatologist like Dr. Meet, if you notice redness, itchiness or severe dryness.





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