The Pros And Cons Of Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs


Hair wig are highly trending in the fashion world. Unlike olden days, when wearing a wig was considered as a reason for laughter. But today all young and old people are using good quality wigs like filmstars and celebrities. There are different types of wigs available in the market depending upon their texture, origin and quality. There is a huge difference between real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. First-time users often find it difficult to choose which wig is right for them. You can find trending hair wig in Indore at Dr. Meet’s Clinic.


Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Hair Wigs


The wigs created by natural hair are called as Natural Hair wig. They feel like natural hair and look great. Whereas Synthetic wigs are made by man-made fibres and they too feel like real hair if made up of high-quality fibre. There are several pros and cons of both types of wigs. 


The Pros And Cons

The Pros:


1. Many human hair wigs can be styled and coloured like natural human hair. All you need to take care of is to get it done by the stylist who is experienced in dealing with these types of wig-styling whereas, Synthetic wigs retain their original style.

2. Among the wide range of textures available in the wigs, you can choose the one as per your requirements. But, in the case of synthetic wigs, you can use several wigs with different textures.

3. Human hair wigs can be used up to one year if used daily but Synthetic wigs stay for a longer period.

4. Human hair wigs look great and the quality is as good as the real hair. But Synthetic wigs look a bit unnatural as compared to the human hair wigs.


The Cons:


1. These wigs require very high maintenance just like human hair whereas Synthetic hair wigs need less maintenance.

2. Human hair wigs are very costly as they are made up of natural hair, unlike synthetic wigs which are cheaper.

3. Human hair wigs are available in a variety of combinations of colours as they are made up of hair from several people. Whereas in the Synthetic wigs, the hair is of the same colour as it is made of coloured fibre.

4. Human hair wigs also react to extreme weather conditions. They too become frizzy, dry or lumpy. But, Synthetic wigs remain the same in all weather conditions.

5. Human hair wigs fade with excessive exposure to lights and sun-light. But, Synthetic wigs don’t lose their colour.

6. Human hair wigs are heavier than synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are very light in weight.