Tips from the Best Hair Fall Doctor in Indore on Scalp Care?

Best Hair Fall Doctor in Indore

The scalp is the root of all hair problems. You are highly wrong if you think that a  lack of dandruff or sebum on your scalp is a sign of a perfect & healthy scalp. Even if you are one of those individuals who do the bare minimum when styling your hair. Your scalp still might face the onslaught of unbalance, courtesy of pollution, product residues, stress, dry shampoos, etc.

It is common to overlook the non-visible parts of our bodies. But it does have significant consequences in the long run. Dry flakes, bumps, constant itchiness, redness, extreme hair loss, etc. can be quite alarming but are a common occurrence for those with dirty scalps. Check out the below ways that are suggested by the best hair fall doctor in Indore to keep your scalp healthy.

Easy ways to keep your scalp healthy

  • Gentle Hair Care Products – You will find tons of hair care products in the market that claim to reduce hair fall, treat dandruff, etc. but are these products effective? The answer is in the ingredients list of the product. If a hair care product contains alcohol, paraben, sulfate, and additional fragrances, then it will strip more hair from your head. These harsh chemicals make your scalp dry and itchy, so always check the ingredient list before making a purchase. 

  • Hair Wash but in moderation – Washing your hair every day will not help your scalp in any form. However, it will strip your scalp of all its natural oil. You should wash your hair in moderation and always massage your scalp gently instead of scrubbing it for cleaning purposes. You can make an effective plan to wash your hair two to four times a week.

  • Antioxidants and Omega-3 – Increasing your intake of antioxidants, and Omega-3 will benefit your scalp tremendously as suggested by the best hair fall doctor in Indore. Increased intake of fruits, vegetables, fish Oil and Omega-3 supplements are known to promote your hair growth. These provide natural nourishment to the scalp through stimulated circulation. The best supplement you should be using will be suggested once a hair fall doctor determines the state of your scalp.

The bottom line is that a healthy scalp will in turn lead to healthy hair. You should book an appointment with the best hair fall doctor in Indore today if you notice dandruff, itchiness, redness, etc. on your scalp. You will not only be given a solution to treat your scalp, but you’ll also know the causes of these hair problems.