What Is Trico Pigmentation Treatment?

Trico Pigmentation Treatment

What Is Trico Pigmentation? Is It Useful?


and Alopecia. This therapy is very effective in adding volume to thin hair. it gives the look of fresh roots of the hair. It is the artistic application of pigmentation dots to hair-less scalp or on the portion with less hair. it gives the look of small hair. these are not actually hair, but, only dark dots which gives the look of fresh-shaved scalp nor small hair. This whole process is done to give the look of dense hair.


Trico Pigmentation Facts


– Trico Pigmentation is a reversible process. these colored dots can be removed from the upper layer’ Dermis’  anytime.

– The pigments are Non-allergic and Bio-Compatible and are easily absorbed by the human body.

–  The process involves highly trained, well-equipped and experienced doctors.

– The duration of the treatment and sessions involved differs from patient to patient and area to area to be treated.

–  The process involves the use of absorbable pigments and so regular touch-ups sessions are required on a regular basis. normally, the process involves the maintenance touch-ups twice a year.

Trico Pigmentation Treatment can be taken as an easy solution to baldness or Alopecia.



Benefits Of Trico Pigmentation Treatment


this treatment, there is tiny pigment deposited within the upper layers of the Dermis of the scalp. The deposits are designed in such a way that they give the look of a freshly shaved scalp and thus cover Baldness. here are a few benefits of the treatment.

– Replacement of the lost hair density.

– Restructuring the hair-line.

– Baldness scars and patches can be easily covered with Trico Pigmentation treatment.

– Very helpful in correcting Alopecia.




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