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Are you tired of noticing extreme dandruff on your scalp, or are you embarrassed about seeing dandruff on your shirt? The harsh winter season can cause damage to your scalp, dry it up, and leave it extremely dry, hence causing dandruff! But can you get rid of extreme dandruff in the wintertime? Let’s learn about some crucial tips given by hair specialists in Jabalpur.

Tips To Avoid Extreme Dandruff In Winter Season

The causes of dandruff are hormone imbalance and chronic disease. Changes in hormones can significantly contribute to dandruff by interfering with the scalp’s regular sebum production. Certain chronic conditions weaken the body’s immune system, and particular medications, such as antiepileptics, can also cause dandruff. Inappropriate or excessive use of hair care products such as hair wax, hairstyle gels, sprays, and some shampoos can also cause a red and itchy scalp.

Hair Care Products

As per hair specialists in Jabalpur, dandruff is the result of multiple factors, including dry and chilly air, hot baths, hormone imbalance, vitamin insufficiency, etc. Hence, if you are looking for a foolproof cure for dandruff, you must choose hair care products that are excellent at performing this task. You can consult a hair specialist in Jabalpur, as they can recommend the best dandruff for your condition.

Hair specialists in Jabalpur state that you must engage in proper hair care to maintain a clean, healthy, and hydrated scalp at all times.

Diet Change

Additionally, you would need to make some modifications to your diet. As per hair specialists in Jabalpur, changing your diet to include a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals will help you eliminate dandruff dramatically. For example, Vitamin B, Zinc, and Omega 3 are excellent dietary sources of nutrients.
Bananas, spinach, seafood, fruits, salads, and other foods can be incorporated into your diet.

Sugar Intake

Hair specialistS in Jabalpur recommend reducing sugar intake as sugar is not only detrimental to the health of your skin but also your hair and scalp. A very high blood sugar level typically creates many oily flakes, hence aggravating dandruff in the winter. Therefore, minimise your sugar consumption and replace it with honey or jaggery.

Home remedies

As per hair specialists in Jabalpur, various home remedies can also help with dandruff. Some of these remedies for dandruff are provided below.

A few drops of lemon juice applied five minutes before shampooing the hair can effectively prevent dandruff.

If home cures do not work, choose the appropriate anti-dandruff shampoos as recommended by hair specialists in Jabalpur.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Look for shampoos with chemicals such as ketoconazole, zinc pyrihone, and selenium sulphide. In cases of severe dandruff, keratolytic treatments such as coal tar and shampoos containing salicylic acid might be utilised. These will assist in loosening dandruff flakes from the skin and facilitate their removal. Always carefully read the label on the shampoo bottle before purchasing it, and follow the instructions on the shampoo bottle for maximum results.

Before using any medicated shampoos, always see your hair specialist in Jabalpur.

It may appear to be dandruff, but it could be a condition such as Seborrheic Dermatitis or Psoriasis. Seek the advice of a hair specialist in Jabalpur if the condition does not improve.

Key Takeaway

Dandruff is a fairly prevalent and well-known issue that affects the majority of people. You can simply control it with the right diet, natural home treatments, and a hair care regimen. Consult our hair specialist in Jabalpur at Dr Meets Clinic for the proper diagnosis, treatment of underlying problems, and hair care regimen.

Stay Healthy by consulting the leading hair specialist in Jabalpur today!


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