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One of the most widespread misunderstandings regarding hair is that it is alive, despite the reality that hair is nonliving and cannot heal itself when damaged.” As a result, once the hair has been damaged, it can only recover through new hair growth at the scalp.

People must realize that the things they do to their hair to make it look attractive, such as using hair colours, perms, and straightening chemicals, will eventually damage the hair’s structure and impact its appearance.” Hair specialists in Indore have numerous tips and tricks for you to help accelerate the healing process.

So, do you want to heal that damaged hair? Let’s read this article to understand how hair gets damaged by heat and chemicals and how to heal them with the help of these exceptional tips from top hair specialists in Indore.

Understanding the Causes of Chemical Hair Damage

The protective lipid layer of fat outside the cuticle, which is responsible for the hair’s shine, is eliminated when hair is damaged by using chemicals. Chemical damage is one of the most common causes of hair damage which leads the hair to lose its natural moisture. The result is dry, frizzy hair that does not keep its style, which contributes to the dull appearance of the hair.

Hair specialists in Indore suggest these tips to prevent chemical damage:

  • Regular use of shampoos and conditioners with conditioning properties will reduce the appearance of frizzy hair. 2-in-1 shampoos that eliminate oil from the scalp, cleanse, and condition the hair during the rinsing process are also a great choice.
  • Consider shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and lotions that include dimethicone. It has been found that this substance reduces static electricity, increases shine and improves manageability.
  • Try recently developed hair serums that are applied with a few drops on the palms and worked into the hair (but should not be applied directly to the scalp).
  • Stop colouring your hair and embrace its natural colour instead.
  • If you must dye your hair, stay “on shade,” or stay within three shades of your natural hair colour. It is generally preferable to darken hair rather than lighten it.

Understanding the Causes of Hair Damage Via Heat

Another major cause of hair damage is heat, which results in the condition known as bubble hair. It occurs when the water in the hair, which gives it its flexibility, is heated and transformed into steam. Hair bubbles then form on the hair shaft, resulting in a loss of cuticle. This type of hair damage is characterized by hair that smells burnt, frizzy ends, and brittleness.

Hair specialists in Indore suggest these tips for heat-damaged hair:

  • Allow hair to dry naturally whenever feasible.
  • Do not immediately use the maximum heat setting on a hair dryer. You must begin with the lowest heat setting and then gradually increase the temperature.
  • To straighten hair using a ceramic iron, and ensure to shield the hair from direct heat by placing a damp towel inside the device.
  • Consider temperature-controlled tools to regulate the amount of direct heat applied to hair.
  • Regularly moisturizing heat-damaged hair will improve its appearance to some degree, but eliminating the source of heat damage is vital.
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