Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Men Explained

Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal is becoming a popular hair removal method, preferred by most of the people. In the present world, people look for solutions that are not only easy or effective but also helps in saving time. Laser hair removal technique is one such procedure that helps men in avoiding hassles of waxing, plucking, shaving, and using depilatory creams. 

Let us know in detail about the laser hair removal treatment for men as a 

It is a painful procedure:

Most of the patients describe the pain during this method because of the slight tingling sensation or some stinging sensation. While some people fear the pain of this process, consider other methods like waxing electrolysis which are far more painful.

Dark skin individuals don’t show positive results:

Though this fact was true earlier however, in due course of time most of the advances have taken place which gives types of equipment which may remove hair from even the darkest of the skin. To make sure this thing, you’ve got to consult the doctor or dermatologist who is going to be performing this therapy for you. They need to use the most updated tools, techniques, and types of equipment to make sure of the best and satisfactory results.

Laser hair removal for men takes years for complete removal:

Normally it takes only 4-5 treatments to get rid of around 90-95% of unwanted hair on your body. The treatment is repeated at an interval of 6-8 weeks. So, theoretically, the treatment is often completed during a period of 24 weeks which is nearly half a year.

Extremely expensive technique:

Though every visit of the laser hair removal process may be a bit expensive than other methods this is often also true that it requires lesser visits than others.  On the other hand, laser hair removal can permanently remove hairs in 4-5 visits. So, in total it’s cheaper than the other methods.

It is harmful and has side effects:

The laser therapy works through laser light which is targeted at the pigmented hair. Basically, the sunshine only targets the hair follicles destroying their growth capability. The encompassing skin and tissue are left unharmed. Therefore, it might be true to say that this therapy is totally safe for many people. Additionally, many studies have proved that there are no side effects of this process for the future.

Laser hair removal is an extremely safe, cost-effective, fast, and pain-free treatment. If you dispel some myths of the procedure, you’d realize that the advantages of the method outweigh the risks involved in it. So, leave your worries and go for it.