Which Hair Transplantation is Best For You?

hair transplantation

Today with growing stress and competition, baldness and other stress-related diseases are becoming common. Today, even the young generations are facing these problems which were common in old people only. Alopecia Areata is one of the form of baldness which increases day by day and the loss is irreversible. Hair transplantation and hair weaving are gaining popularity among such patients.


Hair Transplantation


In Hair Transplantation, the hair from the donor is collected and transplanted to the recipient. This transplanted hair stays on the scalp permanently. Generally, the donor is the person himself. Using one’s own hair gives a more natural look on the head. Small skin patches with hair are removed from the donor site and are transplanted on the recipient site. The procedure is different from skin grafting, though it seems like it. The hair automatically starts growing in the operated area. Dr. Meet’s Clinic is successfully conducting hair transplantation in Indore and Bhopal.


Types of Hair Transplantation


Tissue Expansion


A device called a tissue expander is placed under the hair-bearing skin which is closest to the bald area. After a few weeks, the hair-cells in the expanded area start growing and expanding towards the bald area. Then this patch is placed on the bald area after a small operation.


Flap Surgery


This type of surgery is done on the patients who are suffering for more than 50% baldness on the scalp. dermatologist remove the upper layer of the skin without hair and replace it with the skin with hair and operate. These types of surgeries are very common nowadays.


Scalp Surgery


This surgery includes highly skilled and trained doctors as the bald and haired skin is joined by stitching and reducing the bald area om the scalp.