Acne Scars: Fight The Frustration

Acne scars leave permanent marks on the affected skin. These marks are visible even after years. Today, science is very developed and doctors are using special techniques for acne scar treatment. Young boys and girls are using several home remedies to cure these early breakouts. No doubt, several home remedies too work better in certain cases, but mostly, you need to visit a Dermatologist for better results.

Several elements reduce acne scarring and pigmentation. Acne is very painful and also frustrating at the same time. There are several clinical treatments in trend to stop or reduce the formation of acne at an early stage. Dermatologists are using Australian and Spanish technologies to rejuvenate skin and reduce the effects of acne and other marks.


Salicylic Acid


Salicylic acid helps in cleaning the skin and reducing the chances of acne. It is a common ingredient in most of the acne creams. It removes the dirt and debris bedded in the skin pores. It is beneficial for sensitive skin and reduces swelling and redness on the affected area.




Topical Retinoids are highly recommended for acne scar treatment. It removes the upper layer of the skin and reduces the acne scars. This process helps in the regeneration of new skin cells which are soft and clear. Retinoids should be used under medical surveillance as it increases the sensitivity towards the sun. This makes the skin red with rashes.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids


Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used as mild acids to scrape the affected skin and remove the clogged pores. These AHA’s help in the fastening of the procedure of the skin rejuvenation. New skin cells regenerate and thus a fresh skin starts growing on the skin, which is more soft and younger-looking.


Lactic Acids


Lactic Acids are used in several peel-off facials and creams to reduce the damaged texture of the skin. This is a very common component in several acne treatments. It is easily available in household products like vinegar, etc.

Consult Dr. Meet for the best acne scar treatment in Indore.

Which Hair Transplantation is Best For You?

Today with growing stress and competition, baldness and other stress-related diseases are becoming common. Today, even the young generations are facing these problems which were common in old people only. Alopecia Areata is one of the form of baldness which increases day by day and the loss is irreversible. Hair transplantation and hair weaving are gaining popularity among such patients.


Hair Transplantation


In Hair Transplantation, the hair from the donor is collected and transplanted to the recipient. This transplanted hair stays on the scalp permanently. Generally, the donor is the person himself. Using one’s own hair gives a more natural look on the head. Small skin patches with hair are removed from the donor site and are transplanted on the recipient site. The procedure is different from skin grafting, though it seems like it. The hair automatically starts growing in the operated area. Dr. Meet’s Clinic is successfully conducting hair transplantation in Indore and Bhopal.


Types of Hair Transplantation


Tissue Expansion


A device called a tissue expander is placed under the hair-bearing skin which is closest to the bald area. After a few weeks, the hair-cells in the expanded area start growing and expanding towards the bald area. Then this patch is placed on the bald area after a small operation.


Flap Surgery


This type of surgery is done on the patients who are suffering for more than 50% baldness on the scalp. dermatologist remove the upper layer of the skin without hair and replace it with the skin with hair and operate. These types of surgeries are very common nowadays.


Scalp Surgery


This surgery includes highly skilled and trained doctors as the bald and haired skin is joined by stitching and reducing the bald area om the scalp.

Common Hair Diseases Leading To Baldness

Hair Thinning is one of the most common hair problems. Not only the adults but even children and teenagers are acing this hair problem. There are several remedies prevalent to increase hair growth and reduce hair fall. Since the primitive ages, several medical and non-medical treatments are prevalent. Since olden times, oils are playing an important role in the strengthening of the hair roots. Hairfall is basically due to the weakening of the hair follicles and finally shedding of the hair either from root or from the shaft.

Sometimes, it becomes very necessary to go for medical diagnosis and treatment under medical surveillance. Baldness starts with an abnormal hair fall finally leading toa permanent hair loss. The first instance of small Alopecia Areata patches should not be neglected and a good hairfall control treatment should be started.


Hair Problems Leading To Baldness


Diffuse Hair Loss

hair fall is very common among people all over the world. The first signals are quite visible with the setting apart of the hair follicles. The hair starts getting thinner and the volume gradually reduces with time. If the treatment is delayed it results in complete baldness.

Alopecia Areata

These are small coin-shaped patches of baldness scattered all over the scalp. This can be cured in the early stages by Dr.Meet Dwivedi, a highly experienced hair specialist doctor in Indore.


Pseudopeladae is irreversible baldness which is very common in men. Though several women are also suffering from this hair disease, but the ratio is less.

Pre Mature Graying

Nowadays due to excessive stress and diet disorders, this problem is very common even in teenagers. Boys and girls in the early twenties are facing graying of hair. There are several lifestyle-reasons responsible for this problem.


Dandruff is a highly contagious hair disease. It spreads with the infected combs and hairbrushes. It can be controlled by a few home remedies. In severe cases, you should consult the best hair doctor in Indore to control the infection.


There are several other herbs and oils which help in the regeneration of the damaged hair follicles. A few common ones are:-


Essential Oils To Generate Hair Growth


The oils cannot be neglected when it comes to generating hair growth and strengthen the hair roots. There are several products available in the market which are rich in these essential oils and herbs. 


Best Essential Oils To Increase Hair Growth

Bergamot Oil

This oil is produced by Bergamot Orange fruit. It is used in perfumes. It is highly used to control hair fall and hair loss. It is very effective due to its antimicrobial and healing properties.

Jojoba Oil

This is a herbal oil produced by the Zizyphus Jujube plant. It gives a soothing effect when applied on the shaved hair.

Peppermint Oil

This oil is very popular for its cooling effects. It is very useful in dandruff and other skin diseases. It contains Menthol which helps in stimulating the blood vessels under the scalp while increasing the thickness of the scalp and increasing the number of hair follicles.

All You Should Know About Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is very common in both males and females. Though it starts silently and if you are not conscious then it becomes noticeable and dangerous leaving big bald patches on the scalp. It starts with reduced immunity conditions with some hair loss on a daily basis which gradually increases if ignored. Slowly, it covers the face and other parts of the body too. Alopecia Areata is a primary condition and it is treatable up to a certain extent, but if not treated timely it leads to Alopecia Universalis, i.e total baldness.


Treatment For Alopecia Areata

Actually, there is no cure for Alopecia Areata currently, but if diagnosed at the early stages it can be controlled. there are several treatments available to control the Alopecia Areata. The basic treatments always start with a multivitamin and basic nutrients as most of the time the hair-loss is majorly due to undernourishment.

Topical Agents

Topical agents are basically creams, oils and lotions to be applied on the skin and hair. These contain medicines that enter from the pores of the skin to strengthen the hair follicles.


Injections are the concentrated medicines that are injected in the veins to nourish the hair follicles and activate them to grow back. This treatment is very effective and common.

Oral Treatments

Oral treatments include the edible tonics and medicines to activate the hair growth and increase the overall immunity of the body. Oral medicines should not be taken without consulting a physician.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy is also called Photochemotherapy or Phototherapy. It is done by using the radiation process to heal the spot infection. The UV light rays are passed through Radiation and the infection or the infection causing pathogens are destroyed.

Natural Therapy

Some people prefer using other natural therapies to control and cure the disease. These therapies are not using any medicines. They use natural herbs and oils to cure the disease. Though they are very effective sometimes, but still many of them are not yet clinically tested.

The Bottom Line

The effectiveness of each treatment varies from patient to patient. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune condition in which the healthy cells are mistaken as foreign cells and they are destroyed, resulting in reduced immunity and baldness. You need to contact a proper Dermatologist to avail 
of Alopecia treatment in Indore.

The Pros And Cons Of Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

Hair wig are highly trending in the fashion world. Unlike olden days, when wearing a wig was considered as a reason for laughter. But today all young and old people are using good quality wigs like filmstars and celebrities. There are different types of wigs available in the market depending upon their texture, origin and quality. There is a huge difference between real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. First-time users often find it difficult to choose which wig is right for them. You can find trending hair wig in Indore at Dr. Meet’s Clinic.


Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Hair Wigs


The wigs created by natural hair are called as Natural Hair wig. They feel like natural hair and look great. Whereas Synthetic wigs are made by man-made fibres and they too feel like real hair if made up of high-quality fibre. There are several pros and cons of both types of wigs. 


The Pros And Cons

The Pros:


1. Many human hair wigs can be styled and coloured like natural human hair. All you need to take care of is to get it done by the stylist who is experienced in dealing with these types of wig-styling whereas, Synthetic wigs retain their original style.

2. Among the wide range of textures available in the wigs, you can choose the one as per your requirements. But, in the case of synthetic wigs, you can use several wigs with different textures.

3. Human hair wigs can be used up to one year if used daily but Synthetic wigs stay for a longer period.

4. Human hair wigs look great and the quality is as good as the real hair. But Synthetic wigs look a bit unnatural as compared to the human hair wigs.


The Cons:


1. These wigs require very high maintenance just like human hair whereas Synthetic hair wigs need less maintenance.

2. Human hair wigs are very costly as they are made up of natural hair, unlike synthetic wigs which are cheaper.

3. Human hair wigs are available in a variety of combinations of colours as they are made up of hair from several people. Whereas in the Synthetic wigs, the hair is of the same colour as it is made of coloured fibre.

4. Human hair wigs also react to extreme weather conditions. They too become frizzy, dry or lumpy. But, Synthetic wigs remain the same in all weather conditions.

5. Human hair wigs fade with excessive exposure to lights and sun-light. But, Synthetic wigs don’t lose their colour.

6. Human hair wigs are heavier than synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are very light in weight.






Acne Treatment: Mild and Severe Scarring

Acne is a very common skin disease among teens. Almost 90% of the teens are suffering from acne and if ignored it causes ugly-looking scars and blemishes all over the face and neck. Seeking a Dermatologist is the best solution for acne treatment.


Today, medical science is so advanced that the disease is diagnosed at an early stage and the remedy becomes easier as compared to the conditions a decade before.


When To Start The Treatment


The first sight if the acne is an indication in itself to start the treatment. The acne appears as the result of the infection in the skin pores, so that means that the disease is already settled in the skin and the symptoms are visible on the face. The most important thing is to avoid touching or squeezing the pimple or acne. This squeezing causes the lesion in the deep skin which results in the depression or hole on the skin or a raised lump formation on the skin. Both the formations are leaving an ugly look on the face. the raised acne scar is called Hypertrophic or Keloid Scarring and the depression is called Atrophic or Depressed Scarring.


The Types Of Acne


There are mainly three types of Acne. The mild acne is like whiteheads or blackheads. These are easily treatable.

The moderate acne is red pimples with pus and blood. These leave scars if not treated properly. These are present on the surface of the skin.

The severe acne is painful pus-filled cysts or lumps under the skin and appearing like boils on the skin.


The Do’s And The Don’t’s


Acne scars are like punishment. Firstly, you deal with the acne and then the scars remind you of the same pain. Only a good dermatologist can diagnose the severity of the acne and give treatment accordingly. You need to follow the Do’s and the don’t’s of the acne scar treatment


1. Avoid going out in noons. As harsh sunlight irritates the acne furthermore causing more secretion.


2. Don’t scrub or wash your face too much. Always use soft facewash while washing face or acne infected area.


3. Don’t squeeze the acne. This might cause depressions or scars, which take a long time in healing.


4. Always consult a good dermatologist before starting treatment.




Acne Scars: Types And Cures

Acne- The word doesn’t need any treatment. About 90% of adolescents are facing this problem. it starts with small pimples and if ignored leads to big acne with pus. Acne is treatable, though the treatment duration depends on the depth of the infection. The most difficult part of the treatment is the treatment of acne scars. Acne scars are the result of inflamed blemishes caused by the skin pores engorged with excessive oil and bacteria. The skin pores swell and cause lesions which if deep take time in healing. Small lesions are treated easily.


Types Of Acne Lesions And Their Treatments


Majorly, there are two types of acne scars, Atrophic and hypertrophic. There are several treatments available for acne scars. Dermatologists are using the latest technologies for acne scar treatment.


Hypertrophic or Keloid Scarring


These scars are produced due to excessive secretion of oil and collagen. This lump of raised skin .looks ugly and needs to be treated timely.


Atrophic or depressed Scarring


These scars are like depressions and they look ugly. They appear like holes on the skin similar to chickenpox scars.


Treatments Available For Acne Scarring


Today, with advanced technology several treatments are available for acne scarrings like chemical peel, laser toning, laser treatment, dermal grafting, and punch techniques. Dr. Meet Dwivedi is using the latest technology for acne scar treatment in Indore.


1 Chemical Peel Treatment


This is a chemical facial to remove the old damaged skin and nourish the skin to produce a fresh new skin which is soft and clear.


2 Laser Toning


Laser Toning is done by passing the laser beams on the damaged skin to melt down the inner skin layers to heal the scars to clear the skin.


3 Dermal Grafting


Dermal grafting is placing the new skin on the spot to cover the damaged skin. Normally, doctors use the skin from other parts of the body for dermal grafting.

In most cases, the acne scars fade away with time but in certain advanced cases, they need to treated and smoothened using other techniques.

Laser Toning: The Need And The Benefits

Today with highly increased pollution and several infections in the air, our skin is facing several skin problems like acne, freckles, blemishes and skin pigmentation. Even the young boys and girls are looking like middle-aged due to increased exposure to sunlight and pollution. though sun-screens are very helpful, still you need a regular toning of your skin by a good dermatologist.


Why Laser Toning Is Best For Your Skin?


Today there are lots of skin treatments available nowadays. Laser Toning is one of the best treatments to reduce skin pigmentation and other scars and side by side it rejuvenates the skin to look younger and fresh again. There are several benefits of skin toning in Indore:


Laser Toning Cures Blemishes


There are several marks on our skin which might not affect much in childhood or even later, but, once you are a teenager these marks are very disturbing. the acne and other marks are a few of these. Laser toning reduces and finally clears all these marks.


Removes Wrinkles And Age-Lines


Laser Toning removes all wrinkles and age-lines from your skin making it firm and more elastic. The fine smile lines created around are easily cured by laser toning. the laser rays penetrate the skin enabling the skin to produce more collagen to beautify your skin.


Leaves A Younger Looking Skin


The laser rays penetrating the skin cure the deep bedded scars and blemishes. It heats up the skin layers without damaging the layers of the skin. This process leaves an evenly toned skin behind with a more younger look.


Helps In Skin Restoration And Rejuvenation


Laser Toning in Indore is done by Dr. Meet. Laser toning rejuvenates and restores your young and fresh-looking skin. It brings back the original lustre on your skin. The skin starts glowing on its own without the help of any makeup or cosmetics.

Skin Pigmentation: First Step To Skin Aging

Skin Pigmentation is a very common skin problem among teenagers and adults. As we age, our skin tends to lose its natural glow and shine. Due to excessive exposure to sun-light and even sitting for long hours in closed offices causes skin pigmentation. Our skin needs fresh air and sunlight in a balanced proportion every day. Pigmentation is referred to as a phenomenon of skin colouring in patches. This happens as skin is having Melanin all over our body and it gives colour to our skin. But, when overexposed to harsh sunlight it gets heated up and starts the tanning of the skin of that area, thus creating a dark patch on that area. This process of excessive production of Melanin causing dark patches on the skin is called Hyperpigmentation. On the other hand, if due to certain reasons the quantity of secretion of Melanin reduces causing discolouration on the skin is called Hypopigmentation.


There are several reasons for pigmentations and thus a proper treatment by a good dermatologist is always a better option. If ignored then it might lead to several other skin related problems which leads to oxidative stress and slow degradation of various components of the skin which include:


Loss of Collagen and Elastin


Due to increased exposure to dirt, dust and strong lights natural or artificial, our skin tends to lose its elasticity and firmness. This is a major cause of the sagging of skin.


Increased Water Loss Through The Skin


Due to increased pressure on the skin, the pores on the skin get lose and open. These open pores start losing water through the skin which leads to dull and dry skin.


Uneven Skin Tone And Improper Skin Texture


Open skin pores cause acne and freckles. The dust accumulates in the open pores and causes acne when mixed with sweat. This requires regular cleaning of the skin and we should intake lots of water to hydrate the skin.


Consulting a Dermatologist is recommended for skin rejuvenation in Indore to reduce skin ageing and other skin diseases. There are several options available for treating skin pigmentation. The best one is skin whitening by peel.

Long And Beautiful Hair: No More A Mission Impossible

Hair is considered an icon of beauty, style, and moreover youth. Losing hair always gives tension and if out-of-control it leads to stress and depression. People losing hair or becoming bald are in a state of sorrow. They start from home-remedies and end up in several allopathic, ayurvedic, etc treatments. but, what I feel is that hair quantity and quality both are affected by genes and should be dealt with accordingly.


Difference Between Hair-Fall & Hair-Loss


Everyone is losing hair in some way or another. But then again hair-loss and hair-fall are two different things. It is very normal to lose 50-100 hair per day but if it goes higher and you feel the hair-volume reducing or thinning then you should not waste time. An immediate appointment should be sought with a dermatologist. 


Causes For Hair Loss


Hair loss occurs due to various reasons like strong medication, hormonal changes, and other physical and mental conditions like stress, weakness, dieting, etc. Even a small dietary disturbance leads to the deficiency of one or more vitamins or minerals etc can result in the shedding of hair. This normal hair-fall leads if ignored could lead to abnormal hair loss.


Options For Hair-Fall And Hair-Loss


Today Dermatologists and Trichologists are highly educated and skilled to use the latest techniques to control hair loss at a primary stage. They cure the disease in a few sessions only. But if the loss is irreversible then the best way is to use different options like hair extensions, hair wigs, hair patch for men, hair transplantation, Trico pigmentation, and FUE, etc. Losing hair is disturbing for everyone. It makes the person inferior and low-esteem. 

1. Hair Patch

2. Hair Transplantation

3. Hair Weaving

4. Trico Pigmentation Therapy

5. Follicular Unit Extraction Method

6. Natural DHT Blocker Treatment

7. Hairfall Rejuvenation


Normally 40% of the men are facing hair fall at the age of 35 and more than 60% are facing severe baldness at the age of 60. Though comparatively, only 40% of the women are facing hair loss by the age of 50.