The Irreversible Hair Loss: Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata

Hairfall which leads to permanent hair loss is often termed as Alopecia Areata. The disease is very common nowadays due to an imbalanced lifestyle. Sometimes, the hair fall is caused by prolonged illness or medication. In your everyday routine, if you wake up with a pillow full of hair and yes full-length hair, then its time to consult a Trichologist immediately. This full-length hair-fall is a typical symptom of Alopecia Areata. This disease results in an irreversible hair loss. More than 30% of the world population is suffering the disease due to the lack of awareness. Dermatologists and Trichologists are trying to find a permanent Alopecia treatment in Indore.


The Beginning – 


The first symptom of the disease is an abnormal hair fall throughout the day and night. It is very common in middle-aged people and sometimes, even in the teen-agers. The causes vary from case to case. It starts in the form of the small coin-shaped bald patches on the scalp. In extreme cases, it covers the whole body and is recognized as the alopecia universalis. Due to increased awareness, people are more conscious about these symptoms and refer the Dermat for the diagnose and the cures.


The Facts About Alopecia Areata – 


There are several myths about Alopecia Areata. No doubt doctors are trying for new ways to control the irreversible loss of the hair, but cases are seen where the patient recovers the hair loss even without any treatment. 

1. In most cases, the patient has a family history of the disease.

2. Alopecia Areata develops very fast within a few days of the beginning of the disease.

3. There is no sure-shot cure for the disease.

4. The Trichologists are trying the combination of treatments to treat particular cases for better results.

5. The earlier the diagnose, the earlier the hair loss treatment.