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Hair Weaving is a specialized method of hair restoration for both men and women. It is a non-surgical hair treatment method with no adverse effects that involves attaching a hair patch to the scalp in order to conceal the bald spot.

Hair weaving in Indore is a treatment that is intended to conceal baldness and give hair length and volume. Similar to wigs and hair patch services in Indore, hair used for hair weaving treatment can be human or synthetic.

This hair loss treatment has gained popularity for two reasons:

1. It’s cheaper than hair transplant treatment and other hair treatments.
2. It is an immediate hair treatment, unlike hair transplants, which take months to work.

Benefits Of Hair Weaving Treatment At Dr Meet’s Clinic

Hair weaving in Indore has become one of the preferred hair treatments by people with hair loss problems. It is due to several benefits that hair weaving treatment offers, such as:

  • Covers baldness
  • Non-Surgical
  • Painless treatment
  • Alternative to hair
  • transplantation
  • Cost-efficient
  • Immediate Results
  • Artificial yet Natural

Are you looking for a trusted trichologist that can offer you the best hair weaving in Indore? Dr Meets Clinic is a renowned trichology clinic with the best doctor for hair fall treatment in Indore. Our hair specialists in Indore use scientific methods and world-class technology to treat any hair scalp concerns. We offer the best hair weaving treatment as well as hair patch service in Indore. Contact us for hair concerns today!

Procedure Used For Hair Weaving

Hair weaving, like hair patching, is an excellent way to conceal bald spots. Since hair is merely linked to the scalp, hair specialists can add as much hair volume as a client desires. A hair expert can use various ways and techniques for hair weaving treatment in Indore, including netting, fusion, pasting, and bonding. However, most trichologist in Indore uses two main techniques for Hair Weaving: the clip-on system and the attaching method.

Clip On system:

Also known as a hair patch, here patches of artificial hair are provided to a patient depending on the degree of baldness. The hair specialist will provide a hair patch of the exact same size as the bald spot. Also, hair colour and texture will be considered when providing the right clip-on system.

Hair attachment:

In this hair weaving treatment, artificial hair extensions are attached to the bald area via glue or adhesive to conceal baldness. Before application, the trichologist thoroughly examines the material used to adhere the weave to the scalp. However, these hair attachments are only used by hair specialist if it matches your skin type may it be applied.

Nonetheless, this hair treatment allows users to achieve the desired colour, texture, and hairstyle based on the volume of their weaves.

The hair extensions cannot be removed easily after any of the above hair weaving treatments. Therefore, it makes it hard for the patient to cleanse the scalp and maintain scalp hygiene. Additionally, individuals receiving this treatment need to visit a hair expert every six months, as the weave may become loose or potentially fall out after this time period.

Additionally, note that the adhesive may have a detrimental effect on the skin covering your scalp. The smallest amount of irritation experienced after the procedure must be reported immediately to a hair specialist.

When Is Hair Weaving Treatment The Best Option For you?

Hair weaving is the best hair treatment in Indore for men or women experiencing temporary baldness due to certain health conditions. Additionally, hair weaving in Indore is generally preferred as the treatment when a person’s donor supply is so limited that a hair transplant cannot be performed.

Additionally, the hair expert may recommend hair weaving instead of hair transplant when a medical condition prevents a hair transplant from being performed.

Recovery Process For Hair Weaving Treatment

Hair weaving in Indore is a non-intrusive treatment to conceal bald spots on the head. The attachments are merely glued on the scalp, which is mostly always done in one sitting.

There is no particular recovery process for hair weaving treatment, and no operation is done during the procedure. You may experience itching during the initial few days, but your hair will adjust to the adhesive within 24 to 48 hours.

Side Effects Of Hair Weaving Treatment

Patients receiving hair weaving treatment in Indore rarely ever experience side effects when performed by a hair specialist. However, one may experience some of the below:

  • Itchy scalp.
  • Infection.
  • An allergic reaction to the glue.
  • Traction alopecia
  • Prevents hair growth

Hair weaves are tricky to remove and, therefore, cannot be easily removed on a daily basis. It makes it impossible to shampoo daily or weekly. So most often, scalp hygiene deteriorates quite radily after hair weaving treatment in Indore. It can lead to a lot of dandruff, folliculitis, bad smell and different types of infections. Some of these infections can even lead to permanent loss of existing hair follicles. This problem can easily become worse in the summer months due to increased scalp sweating. However, the hair specialist doctor in Indore can offer you the right guidance and assistance to reap better results after a hair weaving treatment while still taking care of hair scalp hygiene.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Hair Weaving in Indore can range from roughly INR 5,000 to INR 25,000, depending on the chosen method. Additionally, other factors, such as the volume of hair to be woven, are things that your hair specialist will consider. You can consult a hair treatment doctor in Indore for hair fall treatments and other hair-related problems.
The hair in hair weaving therapy does not grow since it is artificial hair (wigs) because wigs do not grow! However, they effectively conceal the bald spot and mimic natural hair.
Hair weaves can last up to six to eight weeks if you properly care for your sew-in and treat it with care. If you attempt to keep it in longer, you risk damaging your hair and scalp as it could lead to irritation, excess oil build-up, and breakage.
Yes, if necessary measures and care are not performed, weaves and extensions can cause damage to your natural hair and can even lead to hair loss. However, at Dr Meet’s Clinic, we have the best doctor for a hair treatment that takes proper precautions while offering you the best hair weaving treatment in Indore, Bhopal, and Jabalpur.

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