Acne Treatment

    Acne Treatment

    Human skin has pores, which can become clogged with oil, germs, dead skin cells, and dirt. Consequently, one may develop a pimple, also known as a zit or blemish. However, some individuals are more prone to acne than others. Thus, if you repeatedly get acne, especially painful pimples, then you may have this inflammatory skin disorder that affects more than 80% of adults and is especially common among adolescents. It appears most frequently on the face, chest, back, and neck, where oil glands are located

    Even though acne does not pose a significant threat to your general health, it can be painful, especially if it is severe. Acne may also cause scarring over time.

    Types Of Acne:

      Blackhead: Open comedones on the skin. Aisr oxygen (not dirt) darkens the pimples’ tops.

      Whiteheads :Skin-coloured raised pimples on the skin’s surface.

      Papules: Red lumps generated by inflamed or diseased hair follicles.

      Pustules: Red pimples with pus.

      Nodules: Subcutaneous lumps that are firm and unpleasant.

      Cysts: Pus-filled uncomfortable bumps under the skin.

    Acne arises when your skin’s pores become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, or germs. Acne can be caused by malfunctions in the skin’s natural lubricating process.
    • When your follicles create too much oil, acne may develop.
    • Your pores accumulate dead skin cells.
    • Germs accumulate in the pores.
    Acne can result from any of these factors when bacteria grow in a plugged pore, and the oil cannot leave.
    Acne is primarily a physiological occurrence, but it has a number of risk factors that can contribute to or worsen acne.
    • Changes In Hormones Caused By Pregnancy Or Puberty.
    • PCOS And Other Endocrine Disorders Are Treated.
    • Cigarette Smoking.
    • Poor Sleep.
    • Stress.
    • High Oil Content Cleansers, Creams, Moisturisers, And Other Beauty Products.
    • Drugs, Including Lithium, Hormonal Contraceptives, Anticonvulsants, And Steroids.
    • Family History Of Acne.
    • Clothing And Headgear Like Hats Or Sports Helmets.
    The chance of acquiring acne is greatest during adolescence as your body undergoes various hormonal changes. These changes can stimulate oil production, increasing the likelihood of acne.
    Dr Meets clinic has the best skin doctors that are well-experienced and know how to minimise DHT activity and oil secretion through natural herbal medicine and supplements. Our specialised and scientific treatment is proven to treat acne and offer patients relief from acne. Keep your acne under control and prevent breakouts by contacting the most experienced cosmetologist in Indore.
    • Diagnosis And Examining Skin.
    • Identifying The Types Of Lesions And Their Severity.
    • Develop An Effective And Personalized Treatment Plan.
    • Comprehensive Consultation Until The Condition Improves.
    • Suggesting Right Beauty Products As Per Skin Type.
    Acne can become a severe problem that can make you lose confidence. Sometimes acne may not be caused by an underlying issue, while other times, you may need treatment for the actual problem causing acne. This is permanently addressed by experts at Dr Meet’s Clinic. Additionally, our natural, scientific anti-androgenic medication helps clients treat and get rid of acne before they start creating scars.

    Acne Scar Treatment

    Acne scars typically result from inflamed blemishes caused by oil-infused dead skin cells and bacteria. When the pore swells, lesions are created. These lesions, when small in size, are easy to heal. However, a large tear in the wall of the skin can seep into the surrounding tissue, infecting the area and developing deeper lesions.
    The good news is acne scars are treatable. But before attempting to repair your scars, it is essential to determine whether it is an Ice Pick, Rolling, or Boxcar scar.
    Acne Scar Treatment
    Acne Scarring can sometimes develop as a consequence of acne. Acne Scarring can result from any type of acne spot, but it is more possible when the severe types of spots, nodules or cysts rupture and injure neighbouring skin. Scarring can also result from picking or squeezing your spots, so avoid doing so.
    • Skin Damage
    • Cut Marks
    • Pits Caused By Acne
    • Sun Exposure
    • Burn Mark
    • Stretch Mark
    • Trigger
    • Stress
    • Depression
    • Testosterone
    • Using Wrong Skin Care Products
    • Dermabrasion.
    • Microdermabrasion.
    • Natural Chemical Peels.
    • Laser Surfacing technique.
    • Soft-tissue fillers.
    • Microneedling.
    • Excision and replacement punch graft.
    • Light and laser therapy.
    • Soft-tissue fillers.
    • Excision and replacement punch graft.
    • Specific Alpha hydroxy acids may be prescribed to help prevent clogged pores, lighten acne scars, as well as improve texture, appearance, and pigmentation of the skin.
    • An experienced expert may even prescribe additional scar-soothing serums and creams to treat acne and acne scars.
    • Dr Meets Clinic has the most experienced skin doctors in Indore, Bhopal, and Jabalpur that offer premium treatment to patients with acne scars. We provide our assistance by offering details consultations, prescribing scientific, homeopathic and herbal products and herbal products and performing laser treatment. We use top-notch technology and use only the best scientific therapies to treat acne scars to the root.
    • Proper Analysis Of Scar.
    • Understanding The Type Of Scar.
    • Creating A Personalised Treatment Plan.
    • Offering Alternatives As Per Client’s Requirements.
    • Prescribing The Right Products For Scar Treatment.
    At Dr. Meet’s Clinic, we offer multiple treatment plans to treat and help with the acne scar. Our skin experts use only the best procedure and products to treat your scar. We offer services such as chemical peel and various types of laser surgeries depending on the condition and needs of a client. At Dr. Meet’s clinic, our skin doctor only uses the most advanced technology for your treatment and offers many other top-notch cosmetology services for effective results.
    Wart Removal

    Wart Removal

    Warts are tiny lumps on the skin that are mostly harmless. However, some individuals find them itchy, uncomfortable, or humiliating. Verrucas are more likely to cause discomfort and can be comparable to a feeling of standing on a needle.
    The majority of people will get warts and verrucas at some point in their lives. Usually, they disappear on their own, but it could take months or even years.
    Warts can be caused by the intrusion of a virus in the human papillomavirus, or HPV, family, which invades the outermost layer of skin. When the virus intrusion this outer layer of skin, typically by a small cut, it stimulates rapid cell proliferation on the outer layer of skin, thereby forming the wart. The virus causes excessive protein keratin to accumulate in the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis). This additional keratin gives warts their harsh, rigid structure. Warts can be transmitted to others via contaminated surfaces or intimate skin contact. A wart or verruca is more prone to spread if your skin is damp or damaged. It may take months for a wart or verruca to develop following exposure to the virus.
    • Weak Immune System.
    • People With Underlying Diseases.
    • Genetic Makeup Of a Person.
    • Pregnancy.
    • Patch, ointment, and pads
    • Stronger peeling medicine
    • Laser treatment
    • Natural Immunotherapy

    At Dr Meets Clinic, we use the most homeopathic medicines and ointments to get rid of warts in any region of the body from roots. We use the most high-tech technology and scientific approach to treat you and provide you best wart treatments in Indore. Our treatment process is quick, easy, and has less than no recovery time. Discuss your options for wart removal

    • Analyzing The Wart.
    • Understanding How warts developed
    • Providing Different Types Of Treatments.
    • Creating Personalised Treatment.
    • Running Tests If Required.
    • Offering Assistance For Prevention Of Warts.

    Natural Chemical Peel

    A chemical peeling is a skin resurfacing process involving the application of a chemical solution to the skin to remove the outermost layers. Applying a chemical solution induces exfoliation and eventual peeling, enhancing the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, and hands. The skin that regenerates after a chemical peel is softer and seems younger. Typically, the new, regenerated skin is less wrinkled and more supple than the old skin.
    Natural Chemical Peel
    • Non-Invasive Treatment
    • Treats Acne
    • Minimizes Pores
    • Helps With Fine Lines And Wrinkles
    • Fades Discolouration
    • Lifts Skin
    • Soothes Scarring
    • Smooths Skin
    • Balances Texture
    • Use of Accutane, Retin-A, Or Other Skin-Thinning Drugs within six months.
    • Recent Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Or Dermabrasion.
    • Severe Rosacea Or Acne.
    • Scars Or Hyper Pigments Easily.
    • Pregnancy.
    • Breastfeeding
    • Sunburn Or Irritated Skin
    • Open Sores Or Lesions
    • Infectious Disease
    • Active Herpes Simplex
    • Diabetes
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Heart Disease
    • Immune System Deficiency.
    • Permanent Cosmetics–Wait 7 Days, Then Cover With An Occlusive Barrier

    Superficial Or Lunchtime Peel: Alpha-hydroxy Acid or similar mild Acid is used to simply penetrate the outermost layer of skin and gently exfoliate it. The treatment is designed to improve the appearance of moderate skin discolouration and rough skin and to revitalize the face, neck, chest, and hands.

    Medium Peel: Glycolic or trichloroacetic Acid is used to remove damaged skin cells from the outer and middle layers of the skin. This method treats age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, and minor skin discolouration. Medium chemical peeling can also be used for precancerous skin growths, such as actinic keratosis, and to smooth rough skin.

    Deep Peel: Peeling process where Trichloroacetic Acid or phenol is used to penetrate deeply into the middle layer of skin in order to eliminate damaged skin cells. The procedure eliminates mild wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and superficial scars and improves skin’s look significantly. The treatment is conducted on the face and can only be done once.

    At Dr. Meet’s Clinic, we analyze your skin before recommending any peel. We also ensure that you get the best results by using only top-quality products and using the right technique for the process. Get rid of scars and other skin concerns by getting a chemical peel from skin experts at Dr. Meet’s Clinic.

    Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Laser hair removal has become a crucial cosmetic procedure in the past decade. It is successful at permanently removing unwanted hair from all regions of the body, including the face, chin, and arms, with minimal danger. The treatment comprises a laser that emits heat energy, absorbs the light, penetrates deeply into the base of each hair strand, and destroys the follicle, thereby eliminating unwanted hair and fine lines. Effective for the majority of skin and hair types, this injured follicle will be unable to produce new hair for a very long time, if ever.
    The therapy is relatively safe and causes minimal skin surface disturbance. The technique is most effective on individuals with dark hair and fair skin; however, it does not work on grey, white, pale red, or light brown hair. Multiple treatments and sessions may be required for permanent hair removal and long-term results.
    • Toned Smoother Skin
    • Quick Process
    • Long Lasting Results
    • Precise And Exact Process
    • Pain-Free Process
    • Reduced Body Odour
    • Cost Effective
    • Low Maintenance
    • High Safety Profile
    • Non-Invasive Process
    • No Ingrown Hair
    • Keloids
    • Haemorrhaging Or Excessive Bleeding
    • Chemical Or Powder Burns
    • Tattoos
    • Poor Blood Circulation (Heavy Less Syndrome)
    • Consuming Photo Sensitising Drugs
    • Tanning Or Sun Bathing
    • Taking Vitamin A Or Carotene
    • Using Anticoagulants
    • Moles
    • Herpes
    • Skin Infection
    • Allergic Reaction
    • Examining Hair
    • Analyzing The Skin Type
    • Creating Customised Treatment Plan

    At Dr. Meet’s Clinic, we use the Spanish diode laser system with Saphire cooling technology to offer you optimum results. Our services include employing laser hair removal by a triple wavelength that emits light with energy to permanently destroy the patient’s hair follicles.

    Trained clinicians at Dr. Meet’s Clinic are available to conduct consultations to answer all your questions. Each consultation is personalized to the specific client. We offer a variety of affordable pricing options to meet any budget. Contact our experts at Dr. Meet’s Clinic to schedule an appointment today. We hope to see you soon.

    Laser Tattoo Removal

    Laser tattoo removal can help you get the desired fresh appearance. Using cutting-edge laser technology, Laser Tattoo Removal can assist you in removing the Tattoo that no longer fits into your lifestyle. Through selective photothermolysis, tattoo pigment particles can be removed selectively with laser removal without affecting the surrounding tissue.
    Laser Tattoo Removal
    • Safe and Effective Process
    • Effective Fading And Removal Process
    • Works On Any Size Of Tattoo
    • Limited Side effects
    • Minimal Recovery Time
    • High Customer Satisfaction
    • No Scarring
    • Diabetes (insulin-dependent)
    • Haemophilia
    • AIDS
    • Hepatitis B or C.
    • Eczema
    • Epilepsy
    • Allergy To Tattoo Products (Inks, Pigments, etc.)
    • Keloid Scars
    • Pregnancy
    • Proper Analysis Of Tattoo
    • Consulting Client
    • Creating A Customised Plan
    • Offering Guidance To Care For the Area

    At Dr. Meet’s Clinic, we perform Tattoo removal by a Spanish active Q switch laser machine. The technology we use is high-tech and advanced and lets us remove any Tattoo in a few sittings. The Tattoo is removed without any skin damage, scar or side effects. Contact our experts for the safest and most effective treatment for tattoo removal.

    Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

    Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

    Age and lifestyle factors can have a negative impact on your skin and appearance. Still, it is possible to reverse the effects of ageing, UV damage, or stress and restore the vibrancy of your skin through skin rejuvenation therapy.
    Skin Rejuvenation is a technique used to improve the look and appearance of the face, neck, and hands by applying a chemical solution or laser to the skin. This induces exfoliation of the skin and eventual peeling. Typically, the new, regenerated skin is less wrinkled and more supple than the old skin.
    • Laser Skin Resurfacing (Ablative and Non-ablative lasers)
    • Chemical Peels (Light chemical peels and Deep chemical peels)
    • Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion
    • Microneedling
    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
    • Hydra Facial
    • Skin Peels
    • Smoothens Fine Lines And Wrinkles.
    • Revives Skin.
    • Evens Skin Tone
    • Breaks Down Discolouration.
    • Reduces Facial Veins.
    • Lightens Acne Scars.
    • Tightens Loose Skin.
    • Diminishes Sun Spots.
    • Encourage Collagen Production.
    • Reduces Redness And Rosacea.
    • Remove Facial And Body Hair.

    One must be aware of certain risks before going for skin rejuvenation therapy. These include:

    • Infection
    • Skin texture change
    • Scarring
    • Burns
    • Allergic Reactions
    • Light Or Dark Spots
    • Delayed Wound Healing
    • Analyzing Skin
    • Creating Personalised Therapy Treatment
    • Most Effective Hydra Facial (H2O2)
    • Safest And Efficient Chemical peel Treatment

    At Dr. Meet’s Clinic, we perform Tattoo removal by a Spanish active Q switch laser machine. The technology we use is high-tech and advanced and lets us remove any Tattoo in a few sittings. The Tattoo is removed without any skin damage, scar or side effects. Contact our experts for the safest and most effective treatment for tattoo removal.



    Vitiligo is a disorder that causes areas of skin to lose colour in patches. The discoloured spots typically become larger over time. Vitiligo can be of two types, including non-segmental vitiligo or segmental vitiligo, and can affect any portion of the body’s skin including hair and the inside of your lips as well. Patchy skin colour loss commonly begins on the hands, face, and areas near bodily openings and the genitals. Sometimes patients can even notice premature whitening or greying of their scalp hair, eyelashes, brows, or beard. Other times, there can be a colour loss in the tissues lining the inside of the mouth and nose (mucous membranes).

    The causes of vitiligo are not fully understood, but there are several hypotheses:

    Autoimmune disorder: The immune system of the sick person when producing antibodies can sometimes damage melanocytes.

    Certain Genetic variables: Factors that may enhance the likelihood of developing vitiligo can be inherited. About 30% of vitiligo cases are hereditary.

    Neurogenic factors: A chemical harmful to melanocytes may be secreted at skin nerve terminals.

    Self-destruction: Melanocytes destroy themselves due to a flaw.

    Stress: In certain circumstances, stress, whether physical or emotional, might also cause vitiligo.

    • A stressful event such as Childbirth.
    • Skin damage, like severe sunburn and cuts.
    • Exposure To Specific Substances At Home Or At Work.
    • Diabetes.
    • Other Auto-immune Diseases.

    An infection does not cause vitiligo, and it cannot be contracted by another person who has it.

    Narrowband: Narrowband ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) may be done on the patient, and the treatment can go on for several months. A skin doctor in Indore may prescribe two to three weekly treatments.

    Excimer lasers: This laser emits ultraviolet light with a wavelength close to that of narrowband UVB. Since it is administered to small, targeted locations, it is more beneficial for patients who do not have widespread or extensive lesions.

    Phototherapy: : A treatment where a Doctor in Indore exposes skin to UVA or UVB rays from a lamp.

    At Dr Meet’s Clinic, we use the best scientific herbal and homeopathic methods to treat vitiligo and improve the skin’s appearance. Our specialised and scientific treatments offer optimum results that help patients with this skin condition. Contact the best dermatologist in Indore today for a comprehensive diagnosis and improved outcomes.

    • Doctor Consultation.
    • Diagnosis
    • Blood Work And Additional Tests
    • Creating a Personalised Treatment Plan.

    At Dr. Meet’s Clinic, our skin doctors always ensure to determine the source and severity of vitiligo through a 30 to 45 minutes consultation. The diagnosis of vitiligo is based on the symptoms manifested and the afflicted areas. We also analyze the state of the skin using a DNA test and Wood’s Lamp. A personalized treatment plan is paired with best-suited medications and international skin treatments for optimal results. Get a safe and effective treatment plan by connecting with the best skin doctors at Dr. Meet’s Clinic.



    Melasma is a prevalent skin condition roughly translates to “black spot.” Melasma is characterised by the presence of light brown, dark brown, and/or blue-grey skin patches. Melasma often darkens and lightens over time, typically worsening in the summer and improving in the winter.
    Melasma can be of three types Epidermal, Dermal, and Mixed Melasma. Your Skin doctor will run tests to diagnose the type of Melasma you have and will later offer a treatment pla

    The epidermis of the skin contains cells known as melanocytes, which store and generate the pigment melanin. The melanocytes create more melanin in reaction to light, heat, UV radiation, or hormone stimulation, which causes the darkening of the skin. So, Melasma is believed to be caused when the pigment-producing cells in the skin (melanocytes) produce excessive pigment (melanin).

    • Antiseizure Medications
    • Contraceptive Therapy (Birth Control)
    • Hypothyroidism
    • LED Screens
    • Pregnancy
    • Hormones
    • Makeup (Cosmetics)
    • Phototoxic Drugs (Medicines That Make One Sensitive To Sunlight)
    • Skincare Products
    • Soaps
    • Tanning beds
    • Specialised melasma medication
    • Natural chemical peels.
    • Microneedling.
    • Laser and light treatments.
    • Herbal and natural supplements.

    Melasma is a chronic skin issue that requires time to disappear; each specialist has their unique method for achieving results. Dr Meets’ clinic manages the condition effectively with top-notch Active Q switch laser, natural supplements, and effective homeopathic topical ointment. Our skin experts in Indore, Jabalpur, and Bhopal also offer effective laser peeling treatment as

    • Comprehensive Consultation
    • Assessing The Skin
    • Running Tests
    • Creating a Personalised Treatment Plan
    • Post Treatment Consultation

    Melasma is a chronic skin issue that requires time to disappear; each specialist has their own technique for achieving this. At Dr. Meets’ clinic, Melasma is effectively treated with Active Q switch laser, natural supplements, and tropical ointment.

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