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Premature balding and hair loss is significantly more widespread than they used to be due to pollution and UV radiation exposure. However, hair transplants make this issue simple to cure and one that one does not need to live with.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a cutting-edge method of treating baldness and hair loss. To cover your balding spots, healthy hair follicles are removed from the scalp donor area and then implanted there. The back of the head is where the follicles are removed from, and genetic programming prevents the hairs in this area from ever falling out. Therefore, hair growth becomes permanent when new hair sprouts from the transplanted follicles.

The operation involves removing hair from one scalp area and transplanting it to bald or thinning areas.

In addition to taking all essential measures following a hair transplant, it is crucial to maintain good maintenance after the procedure. You may probably experience soreness in the scalp for a few days following a hair transplant. In addition to antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds, the hair treatment doctor in Indore will often prescribe painkillers. To properly care for your hair transplant, avoiding touching the recipient region and taking your prescriptions is necessary.

The patient will need to wear bandages for at least a day following the surgery and keep them on overnight to preserve a clean incision line and surgical region. To prevent swelling, the person may remove the bandage or headband with scissors the day following the transplant.

Clothing and protective gear:

Patients should avoid wearing casual clothes instead of disposable clothing from the treatment centre. During the surgery, the surgeons and physicians must wear safety equipment.

Medication and drug use:

One week before surgery, the patient should cease using blood thinners, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, Ibuprofen, herbal remedies, and vitamins B or E. Before surgery, several drugs might need to be discontinued, and ensure to consult your doctor regarding the same before beginning the procedure.

Medical disorders or allergies:

The patient should inform the surgeon or doctor about any other medical issues or allergies that might impair the procedure.

The patients must also quit smoking for two weeks before the procedure.

Eat nothing spicy the evening before surgery.
Before surgery, wash your hair with shampoo for two days.
Tell your doctor about any sensitivities you have.

Here all the above safety measures are considered before hair transplant surgery.

Key Takeaways

The hair treatment doctor in Indore can advise you on several other safety measures before having hair transplant surgery that can be unique to a given patient or facility. However, if you have specific health issues, your doctor could advise you to refrain from doing several other things and perhaps even prescribe medication.


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